“Revolutionizing Workplace Collaboration with AI: The Mission of Notion Projects”

AI-powered Notion Projects: The Next Big Thing in Workplace Collaboration

Workplace collaboration tools are meant to make things easier, but often turn out to be fragmented and complex. This is where Notion hopes to make a difference with its new product, Notion Projects, an AI-powered project management tool that aims to connect all aspects of collaboration in one place.

Using AI LLMs from OpenAI and Anthropic, Notion Projects automates many tasks within a project lifecycle. This reduces the need for a team member to manually provide updates, update action items, or provide summaries within a workspace. In addition, new project-specific features such as upgraded project templates and setup flows allow teams to manage projects from beginning to end with more out-of-the-box functionality, comparable to its competitors, Asana and Jira.

AI Autofill Feature

Notion COO and co-founder Akshay Kothari demonstrated how AI could change Notion’s previous power users experience in a virtual interview by providing a sneak peek of Projects. One of the standout features is the AI Autofill feature, which can fill out an entire workspace worth of information in seconds.

The AI Autofill feature takes advantage of AI functionality, which automatically extracts information teams need and keeps it updated as projects progress. There are also new page-level and property notifications, improvements to subtasks and dependencies, and the ability to preview Google Drive files and Figma designs in project databases.

Improved Integration and Affordability

Notion Projects is priced at $10 per month, which gives users unlimited AI functionality. Kothari acknowledges that the cost of running AI models is still high, but hopes that as technology advances, AI will become more accessible and affordable for users.

Notion projects also come with upgraded sprint plans, streamlined sprint templates, and a new sprint completion workflow, with more integrations soon to be announced.

AI Augmenting Human Intellect

Kothari acknowledges that AI has always had an impact on Notion, but it wasn’t until last year that the company began to see its true potential. Notion launched an alpha program in October, and by February, had introduced AI-powered writing features to the platform. AI could also be used to augment human intellect rather than replace it, which is one of the key findings from the alpha program.

Notion’s Conversational Approach

Even before OpenAI’s ChatGPT had gone viral, Notion was already betting on the power of AI and had early access to certain advanced LLMs. However, ChatGPT did influence Notion to take a more conversational approach with its AI tool. But, Kothari is not worried about potential backlash to this functionality.

Privacy and Security

Notion’s business is built on trust, and privacy was a starting point for Notion’s initial discussions with OpenAI and Anthropic around using their respective LLMs. Notion made sure that anything they send to create content couldn’t be used for training the LLMs and that they couldn’t offer this functionality to their customers unless that was in place.

Positioning Notion as a Bigger Threat to Workplace Collaboration Powerhouses

Notion Projects’ AI-powered features and improved integration are positioning Notion as a bigger threat to workplace collaboration powerhouses, such as Asana and Jira. For businesses looking for a comprehensive and affordable AI project management tool, Notion Projects is definitely worth exploring.

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