Supercharging Generative AI With OpenAI’s New Custom Instructions ChatGPT Feature: Experience Unrivaled SEO and High-End Copywriting Abilities Enabled by Advanced Persistent Context Capabilities

**Significant Boost for Prompt Engineering and Generative AI**

**Persistent Context Capabilities: A Breakthrough in Prompt Engineering**

Generative AI has witnessed a significant boost with the release of OpenAI’s custom instructions for ChatGPT, known as persistent context capabilities. In this article, we will explore the functionality of custom instructions and how they can be effectively utilized in prompt engineering.

**The Importance of Prompt Engineering in Generative AI**

Prompt engineering, also known as prompt design, plays a crucial role in effectively harnessing generative AI. Whether it’s ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, or Claude 2, users of generative AI must stay updated with the latest innovations in crafting viable and pragmatic prompts. In previous articles, we have covered topics such as multi-personas, chain-of-thought approaches, in-model learning, vector databases, macros, end-goal planning, and prompt add-ons.

**The Impact of Prompt Quality on Generative AI**

The success or failure of generative AI heavily depends on the quality of the prompts entered. Poorly composed prompts can lead to wandering responses that are unrelated to the desired inquiry. To address this, cheat sheets and training courses are available to guide users in composing effective prompts. AI Ethics and AI Law also come into play, as prompts may unintentionally elicit biases, errors, falsehoods, or even AI hallucinations. Future lawmakers may introduce regulations to prevent such misuses, sparking debates surrounding free speech considerations.

**Persistent Context and Its Role in Interactions**

Persistent context is an integral part of our everyday conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. For instance, when recounting a camping experience involving a bear encounter, the memory of that story persists. When encountering a dog off its leash, the mention of the bear encounter by a friend establishes a persistent context throughout the conversation. This capacity to recall and utilize past information in a different context is known as persistent context.

**The Value of Persistent Context in Prompt Engineering**

Persistent context has great potential in prompt engineering for generative AI. By incorporating persistent context capabilities, AI models can retain and recall relevant information from previous interactions. This enables users to create prompts that build on past knowledge, resulting in more meaningful and contextual responses.

**Maximizing the Benefits of Persistent Context Capabilities**

To effectively leverage persistent context capabilities, prompt engineers should keep the following points in mind:

1. Mindful Word Choice: The use of precise and carefully chosen words in prompts is crucial. Words like “always” and “never” should be avoided, as they can create unwarranted assumptions or false assertions.

2. Historical Lessons: Remembering the past and learning from it is essential. By incorporating previous experiences or knowledge into prompts, generative AI can provide valuable insights and avoid repeating mistakes.

3. Ethical Considerations: Prompt engineers must be mindful of the ethical implications of the prompts they create. Ensuring fairness, accountability, and avoiding biases should be a priority.

4. Regulatory Impact: The prompt engineering domain may face debates and regulations regarding the boundaries of acceptable prompts. This raises questions about filtering and preventing inappropriate prompts, while still considering freedom of speech.


Persistent context capabilities have revolutionized prompt engineering in generative AI. By embracing this breakthrough, prompt engineers can create more contextual and meaningful interactions. However, it is crucial to use this power responsibly, taking into account ethical considerations and potential regulatory impact. With a thoughtful and strategic approach to prompt engineering, generative AI can reach new heights in providing valuable and tailored responses.

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