Raising Capital: Navigating the Ideal Runway Timing – Insights from Judah Taub, Hetz Ventures

### **Achieving the Ideal Runway for Startups: Insights from Judah Taub at Hetz Ventures**

In this insightful clip from the Eat the Sharks panel at the 2023 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, **Judah Taub** _(Managing Partner at Hetz Ventures)_ shares valuable strategies on how startups can secure the ideal runway in today’s ever-changing market.

Hetz Ventures, a renowned global-facing venture capital (VC) firm, focuses on investing in highly talented Israeli founders operating at the cutting edge of deep technology[^1^]. Judah, the former Head of Data at Lansdowne Partners, brings extensive expertise in advising young startups and has a remarkable track record in the field[^2^]. Notably, his experiences as an officer in a classified intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces have earned him the coveted IDF 2014 Creativity Award[^2^].

During the discussion, Judah emphasizes the importance of raising capital when startups **can**, rather than when they **have to**. As noted by the successful founders on the panel, the distinction between these two scenarios is significant, impacting the terms, investors, and valuation a startup can secure[^3^].

For aspiring founders, Judah provides a crucial piece of advice: strategize to position your company in a way that minimizes the need to raise funds under pressure. By planning for the long-term and establishing a strong foundation, startups can optimize their chances of not only attracting desired investors but also obtaining favorable valuation during funding rounds[^3^].

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion that offers invaluable insights into achieving the ideal runway for your startup. Watch the full video now!

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[3]: #video-transcript (Timestamp: 0:45)

“Raising capital when you can is infinitely better than raising capital when you have to.”

Judah Taub, Managing Partner at Hetz Ventures, talks about how to achieve the ideal runway for a startup in today’s climate, in this clip from the Eat the Sharks panel at the 2023 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.

Judah Taub is Managing Partner at #HetzVentures, a global-facing VC investing in highly talented and ambitious Israeli founders who operate at the cutting edge of deep technology. Before founding Hetz, Judah was Head of Data at Lansdowne Partners ($20B London based Hedge Fund) as well as advising multiple young start-ups. In his service in the Israel Defense Forces Judah served as an officer in a classified intelligence unit where he engineered a large-scale project to win the IDF 2014 Creativity Award. He has lectured widely, including throughout the IDF and at Wharton Business School, on time-management and creative thinking, and wrote a book for new IDF soldiers published by Yediot, Israel’s leading publisher. Judah was also elected as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2020.

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