Navigating the Current Market: A Special Series with Chris Wade of Isomer Capital

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Welcome to the European VC podcast, your go-to source for everything European VC. In this special series episode, we have a conversation with Chris Wade, Founding Partner of Isomer Capital, one of Europe’s leading LP investors. With investments in over 50 European early-stage VC funds, including Seedcamp, Semantic, Hoxton, and Kindred, Chris is the perfect guest to discuss the impact of the current market on VC fundraising.

This episode is a condensed version of a virtual event previously hosted on LinkedIn. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up! And if you’re one of the 5,000 VCs who have already seen it, we hope revisiting it will be worthwhile.

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**About Chris Wade and Isomer Capital**

Chris Wade is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology geek. Having experienced both success and challenges in building technology companies in the 90s, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the world of venture capital. As a Founding Partner of Isomer Capital, Chris and his team focus on supporting founders and entrepreneurs in their journey to create successful businesses.

**Current Trends in LP Mindset and Fundraising**

In this episode, we dive deep into the current trends in the LP mindset that will impact fundraising. We discuss the importance of being prepared for potential market corrections and engaging with GPs to navigate through these changes. Chris shares valuable perspectives on portfolio models, highlighting the need for continuous review and adaptation. We also explore the potential impact of market corrections on early-stage investment opportunities.

**A Conversation with Chris Wade**

Chris Wade joins us to provide insights from his years of experience in the industry. We discuss the mindset of LPs in light of current market trends and how it shapes their investment decisions. Chris shares his thoughts on the potential benefits of market corrections and the importance of triage in managing follow-on capital. Join us as we explore the lessons learned from previous market corrections and how they can guide us in the current climate.

**Sponsored by Isomer Capital**

This episode is sponsored by Isomer Capital, one of Europe’s leading fund of funds. We thank Isomer for their support in making this episode possible and for their ongoing commitment to the European VC community. If you’re looking for a strong LP partner, we highly recommend connecting with Isomer Capital.

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For today’s special series episode on navigating the current market with Europe’s absolute VC elites we’re talking to Chris Wade, Founding Partner of Isomer Capital – The O.G. of European LP investing. With investments in more than 50 European early stage VC funds counting anything from first time managers to the known greats like Seedcamp, Semantic, Hoxton, and Kindred, we thought Chris would be the perfect guest to dive deep on the effects on the current market on VC fundraising.

On a final note, we should say that this episode is an edited version of a virtual event earlier hosted on LinkedIn, so in case you missed it; enjoy! and in case you’re part of the 5.000 VCs that have seen it thus far; we hope it’ll be worth revisiting.

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