El uso de las redes sociales como herramienta en los programas de promoción de empleados

## Romina González explains the strategic role of social media in employee advocacy programs, highlighting the importance of defining a communication framework with employees.

In this Think Tank session organized by [Dir&Ge]( and powered by [Hootsuite](, Regional Manager Romina González explores how social media is crucial for employee advocacy programs. With employees, customers, executives, and shareholders all having social media profiles, it is essential for companies to establish a communication framework that enables employees to amplify the company’s values and activities.

González emphasizes the significance of providing employees with training in social media, as it empowers them to become internal brand ambassadors. By encouraging employees to share positive actions and company culture on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, businesses can leverage the power of social networks to enhance their reputation and drive business growth.

Watch this insightful video to learn more about the role of employee advocacy and how it can improve your brand’s reputation and business success.

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If you’re wondering why social media is so strategic today, it’s because our employees, customers, executives, and shareholders are all on social media. That’s why it’s important to establish an internal communication framework that allows us to collaborate with employees and empower them to share our brand values and activities.

One example is promoting our company’s volunteer activities, which have a tremendously positive impact. An employee can also share this type of information, supported by a central team, through messages on their own social media profiles. Whether it’s personal social media accounts or professional platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, we can see that social media plays a vital role in how our employees communicate.

Employees who love their companies also choose to communicate about the positive actions and corporate culture we foster. That’s why it’s crucial to include social media usage and training in our ambassador programs. We need to educate employees on how to build a positive personal brand on social media and empower them to share our company’s values and messages.

Many companies are already empowering their employees on social media through training and tools that facilitate controlled communication within reasonable limits. While each employee should have their own voice, it is also the role of the company to empower them to align their voice with our values and messaging.

Join us in this insightful Think Tank session, where Regional Manager Romina González shares valuable insights on the importance of employee advocacy programs, leveraging social media to enhance brand reputation and drive business growth.

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Romina González, Regional Manager de Hootsuite, nos explica cómo las rrss son estratégicas en los programas de employee advocacy, ya que los empleados, clientes, accionistas, etc tienen perfiles sociales. Resalta que las empresas deben definir un marco de comunicación con los empleados para que ellos difundan los valores y actividades de la compañía. Por último destaca la importancia de la formación en las redes sociales de los empleados en los programas de embajadores internos. “Las empresas deben empoderar al empleado”. En el Think Tank “Cómo un programa de Employee Advocacy puede mejorar la reputación y el negocio de la marca”, organizado por Dir&Ge e impulsado por Hootsuite.

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