Mingpo Cai (Cathay Capital): The Investment Sectors of Cathay Innovation III

**[YouTube Video Title]**: Cathay Capital Launches New Cathay Innovation III Fund to Support International Entrepreneurs | Good Morning Business

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Welcome to Good Morning Business! In this interview, Mingpo Cai, President of Cathay Capital, discusses the exciting launch of the new Cathay Innovation III fund. This fund aims to empower entrepreneurs and facilitate their internationalization journey. Tune in to gain insights on how Cathay Capital is helping businesses thrive in the global market.

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Cathay Capital, a leading global investment fund, has recently introduced the groundbreaking Cathay Innovation III fund. With a whopping one billion euro investment capacity, this fund aims to support startups worldwide in their journey towards internationalization.

Mingpo Cai, Co-Founder and President of Cathay Innovation, sheds light on the fund’s strategy and selection process. With an extensive team spread across Europe, Asia, and the United States, Cathay Capital carefully chooses innovative businesses that align with their mission of fostering positive societal and environmental impact.

By focusing on entrepreneurs with a strong vision and addressing unmet needs, Cathay Capital ensures that its investments create value for consumers and society as a whole. The fund’s unique approach combines deep market knowledge, data-driven insights, and a global presence to identify and nurture the standout startups of tomorrow.

Over the years, Cathay Capital has been the trusted partner of global multinationals such as Sanofi, Total, BNP Paribas, and Cardif. Their collaboration and ongoing support have enabled Cathay Capital to build a robust platform for entrepreneurs to thrive on a global scale.

With the launch of Cathay Innovation III, the fund’s exposure and investment capacity reach new heights. Having already invested in 120 ventures across various continents, including 19 unicorn companies, Cathay Capital’s track record speaks for itself. This expansion ensures that entrepreneurs in France and beyond have access to the necessary capital, support, and resources they need to succeed.

However, as global market conditions evolve, with central banks reducing liquidity and interest rates on the rise, the investment landscape is becoming more challenging. Mingpo Cai highlights the importance of true entrepreneurship, focusing on consumer needs, and not being solely influenced by market fluctuations. Cathay Capital remains committed to serving entrepreneurs and nurturing innovation, regardless of economic circumstances.

We invite you to explore this captivating interview with Mingpo Cai to gain valuable insights into the world of investment and entrepreneurship. Discover how Cathay Capital is fueling global innovation, making a positive impact, and transforming businesses into industry leaders.

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Ce lundi 18 juillet, Mingpo Cai, président du fonds Cathay Capital, s’est penché sur le lancement du nouveau fonds de Cathay innovation III pour aider les entrepreneurs à réussir leur internationalisation, dans l’émission Good Morning Business, présentée par Stéphane Pedrazzi. Good Morning Business est à voir ou écouter du lundi au vendredi sur BFM Business.

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