Breega Invests €250 Million in European Tech, Says Ben Marrel

# Good Morning Business: Ben Marrel Talks Tech Entrepreneurship in Europe

Ben Marrel, co-founder and CEO of Breega, joins Audrey Maubert and Christophe Jakubyszyn on BFM Business to discuss the dynamics of tech entrepreneurship in Europe and France. As a venture capital firm, Breega has a vested interest in understanding the health and vibrancy of tech startups in Europe. In the interview, Marrel acknowledges the differences between the American and European markets and the adjustments currently taking place in the stock market.

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Marrel also discusses Breega’s recent investment of €250 million and its plans to expand into Barcelona. The company’s focus is on investing in fintech, surtech, and other tech sectors, with a particular interest in ethical and sustainable startups. Breega’s goal is to have a positive impact on the world while making profitable business investments.

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Ce jeudi 23 juin, Ben Marrel, cofondateur et CEO de Breega, s’est penché sur le dynamisme de la tech française et européenne, dans l’émission Good Morning Business présentée par Audrey Maubert et Christophe Jakubyszyn. Good Morning Business est à voir ou écouter du lundi au vendredi sur BFM Business.

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