Facilitating the Connection between Start-Ups and Talents: Insights from Denis Barrier of Cathay Innovation

# How Cathay Innovation Connects Startups and Talents in France

Are you struggling to find talented individuals to join your startup in France? Cathay Innovation, the investment arm of Cathay Capital, has a solution for you. In this episode of Good Morning Business, Denis Barrier, the CEO of Cathay Innovation, explains how they plan to launch a startup platform that connects entrepreneurs with the most talented individuals in the French tech industry.

As Barrier points out, the French startup ecosystem is facing challenges due to the global economic downturn. Cathay has noticed that it’s becoming more difficult for startups to find the right talent to grow their businesses. That’s why Cathay plans to launch a startup platform that connects job hunters with startups. The platform will target the most talented individuals who are capable of leading, accelerating, and scaling startups.

The platform will be available for both executives and founders. In less than 48 hours, they can expect a response from startups on potential job opportunities. Moreover, the platform will be fully digitalized and anonymous. As Barrier explains, this is an effort to create a Silicon Valley-like atmosphere in the French tech industry.

Cathay has ambitious plans for assisting the French startup ecosystem. They have allocated €1 billion in funding for startups across various industries, including digital, finance, healthcare, consumer, and new energy. Despite the global economic downturn, Cathay remains optimistic and encourages entrepreneurs to stand out in the midst of the current crisis.

Good Morning Business is available for viewing or listening from Monday to Friday on BFM Business. For more information, visit Cathay Innovation’s website.

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Ce jeudi 15 décembre, Denis Barrier, directeur général de Cathay Innovation, est revenu sur les solutions pour mettre en relation les start-up et les talents dans l’Hexagone, dans l’émission Good Morning Business, présentée par Laure Closier et Christophe Jakubyszyn. Good Morning Business est à voir ou écouter du lundi au vendredi sur BFM Business.

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