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**Harnessing the Power of Nature: An Interview with Nick Daniels, Founder of Portal**

**Nature’s Impact on Wellbeing and Happiness**

In this edition of our Tools for Thought series, we delve into the mind of Nick Daniels, founder of Portal, an immersive productivity app designed to enhance focus and creativity. Nick believes that nature lies at the core of our health and happiness, and he shares how his personal experiences and scientific research drove him to create Portal.

**Finding Inspiration in Nature**

Nick’s inspiration for Portal came during his honeymoon in New Zealand in 2018. After years of working in a stressful environment in London, Nick and his wife yearned for an escape. Their camping adventure allowed them to reconnect with the natural world and experience the benefits it offered. Surprisingly, they found themselves sleeping better than ever before, syncing up with the rhythm of the environment. This transformative experience changed Nick’s perspective on nature, leading him to explore its potential to improve mental health and wellbeing.

**From Camping to the Creation of Portal**

Upon returning to London, Nick couldn’t shake the idea of recreating the serene camping experience they had enjoyed. He began researching the scientific evidence linking nature, circadian rhythms, and mental health. Convinced that his discovery could benefit others, Nick developed the initial version of Portal within a week. The app started as a sleep aid and natural alarm clock, utilizing immersive sound, smart lighting, and visuals to mimic the camping experience in the comfort of one’s bedroom.

**Taking Inspiration from Biophilic Design**

Nick’s approach to designing the alarm clock drew inspiration from Biophilic Design, an architectural and interior design approach that emphasizes individuals’ connection to natural environments. By incorporating gentle transitions reminiscent of the natural world, Portal aimed to help users wind down at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. Though still a niche approach, Nick envisions Biophilic Design gaining mainstream recognition due to its numerous benefits and extensive research.

**Evolution of Portal: Enhancing Focus and Productivity**

Initially focused on promoting better sleep, Portal has evolved to optimize focus and productivity. Nick discovered that using the app himself while coding not only improved his concentration but also facilitated being in the flow. Further research revealed the attention-enhancing effects of nature exposure, both in the physical and digital realms. Attention Restoration Theory (ART) in environmental psychology shed light on the subject. The principles of Biophilic Design also influenced the architecture and design of physical workspaces, exemplified by Apple Park’s harmonious integration of nature indoors.

**Empowering Users with ADHD**

Nick found that 40% of their iOS app users who were interviewed had been diagnosed with ADHD, a much higher percentage compared to the general population’s prevalence of 5%. These individuals credited Portal as an essential tool for managing their ADHD and supporting their studies, careers, and passions. Surprisingly, their major concern revolved around using the app on their smartphones, which were often the main source of distraction in their lives. This feedback drove Nick and his team to prioritize the development of Portal for Mac.

**Unlocking Productivity and Creativity with Portal**

Portal utilizes immersive technologies to recreate environments designed to boost focus and creativity. Nick emphasizes the strong connection between our emotional state and thought process. By creating atmospheres inspired by peaceful and awe-inspiring natural surroundings, Portal taps into the psychology of environment-response. Customers have expressed not only increased productivity but also immense joy in their workday through the app. The passive nature of this approach ensures that users effortlessly enjoy the benefits of nature’s influence.

**In Summary**

The interview with Nick Daniels, founder of Portal, sheds light on the profound impact of nature on our wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. Nick’s personal experiences and scientific research shaped the design of Portal to harness the power of nature for an immersive and enhanced work experience. From promoting better sleep to optimizing focus and productivity, Portal offers users a unique opportunity to improve their mental health and overall performance.

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