McDonald’s Eliminates ‘ESG’ References from Selected Portions of Its Website: A Strategic Move in Focus

**McDonald’s Removes “ESG” Term From Website Amid Controversy**

McDonald’s, the fast-food chain, has silently eliminated references to the term “ESG” from parts of its website. This move comes at a time when environmental, social, and governance initiatives are facing backlash from some conservative policymakers in the US. An analysis conducted by Bloomberg News reveals that McDonald’s “Purpose & Impact” website has recently removed several mentions of ESG, replacing them with alternative phrases.

**Changes to McDonald’s Website**

Previously, one web page on McDonald’s website was titled “ESG Approach & Progress,” but it has now been changed to “Our Approach & Progress.” While most of the other content remains similar, the company has made an effort to remove the ESG abbreviation and replace it with the phrase “environmental and social issues” in some instances. Another web page, previously titled “Performance & ESG Reporting,” has been renamed to “Goal Performance & Reporting.”

**McDonald’s Declines to Comment**

When approached for comment, McDonald’s declined to provide a statement regarding the changes made to its website. However, the company reaffirmed its commitment to reporting annually on its progress towards social and environmental goals. McDonald’s recently released an update on its progress earlier this month, which shows its dedication to the cause despite the removal of the ESG term.

**Controversy Surrounding ESG Initiatives**

ESG-related shareholder proposals have faced severe backlash from conservative politicians and policymakers in the US. Issues such as workers’ rights and diversity, which these proposals aim to address, have been labeled by some as “woke capitalism.” Furthermore, the US Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action in college admissions has sparked intense debate. As a result, corporations are now questioning whether they should publicize their diversity efforts for fear of legal action.

**McDonald’s Engagement with Environmental and Social Issues**

McDonald’s website states that the company engages with key stakeholder groups on environmental and social issues to make the greatest impact. This engagement occurs against the backdrop of a constantly changing external landscape. Despite the controversy surrounding ESG initiatives, McDonald’s remains dedicated to addressing environmental and social concerns.

In conclusion, McDonald’s has quietly removed the term “ESG” from certain sections of its website. This move comes amidst criticism and controversy surrounding ESG initiatives from conservative policymakers. McDonald’s, however, continues to emphasize its commitment to reporting on its progress towards social and environmental goals.

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