Littleton hosts enchanting Unicorn Festival this weekend

**Unicorn Festival at Littleton’s Clement Park – A Magical World of Imagination and Fun!**

Join us at the Unicorn Festival happening at Littleton’s Clement Park on June 10-11 for a weekend of enchantment! Immerse yourself in a magical world filled with activities, cosplayers, and everything that celebrates imagination and fun. This is an event that every little girl (and the young at heart) won’t want to miss!

**Experience the Magic at the Unicorn Festival**
*Date: June 10-11*
*Location: Littleton’s Clement Park*

At the Unicorn Festival, you’ll discover a world where unicorns come to life and dreams come true. Explore unique and divine experiences brought to you by April Showers and Brittany Britney Beard, along with their unicorn friend, Lucky Star. Lucky Star, the trick-trained unicorn, will captivate and entertain you with his incredible abilities, including answering math problems, sitting like a dog, and so much more. Don’t forget to bring the kiddos along, as Lucky Star’s show is a must-see at 12:30 pm on the mainstage every day of the festival.

**More Than Just Unicorns**
Apart from Lucky Star, you’ll also have the chance to meet and interact with over 25 to 30 other unicorns. Admission to the festival includes access to face painting, unicorn rides, and even a visit from a real-life fairy. And that’s not all! Stop by our booth for a free cupcake, enjoy the jumping station, and explore the new fairy room. Plus, indulge in delicious unicorn-themed food and browse through the wide array of vendors selling magical wears.

**A Festival of Enchantment and Giving Back**
The Unicorn Festival is not only about fun and magic but also about giving back. Lucky Star is part of the nonprofit organization Unicorn Hugs, which spreads joy to children in hospitals nationwide. Lucky Star and his unicorn friends are specially trained to visit children’s hospital rooms, bringing smiles and happiness to those who need it most. The adorable booties Lucky Star wears are specially designed to prevent slipping on hospital floors.

**Join the Magic at Clement Park**
Come out and meet Lucky Star, April Showers, Brittany Britney Beard, and the entire unicorn family at the Unicorn Festival. Explore a world of wonder, indulge in unicorn-themed treats, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Don’t miss this enchanting event for all ages!

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The Unicorn Festival is happening at Littleton’s Clement Park June 10-11. There will be magical activities, cosplayers and anyone who loves imagination and fun!

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