Leading Financial Institutions Like Wells Fargo Already Anticipating Losses as Office Real Estate Values Plummet

**The Impact of Remote Work on the Office Sector: Banks Brace for Losses**

As remote and hybrid work arrangements become increasingly permanent, the office sector is experiencing significant changes. Rising vacancies and falling property values are occurring in an environment of higher interest rates and stricter credit conditions. This distress in commercial real estate has caught the attention of banks, who are now preparing for potential losses in their own office loan portfolios.

**Morgan Stanley and the Increasing Provisions for Credit Losses**

Morgan Stanley recently released its financial results for the second quarter of 2023, highlighting the impact of credit deteriorations in the commercial real estate sector. The bank’s provisions for credit losses rose from $82 million in the second quarter of the previous year to $97 million, reflecting the challenges faced by the office sector.

**Bank of America’s Rising Allowance for Credit Losses**

Bank of America also reported an increase in its allowance for credit losses in its recent earnings release. Specifically, its allowance for commercial real estate rose from $1.2 billion in the first quarter of this year to $1.3 billion in the second quarter. Of the bank’s commercial real estate loans, 25% are in the office category, totaling $18.3 billion. A breakdown of Bank of America’s scheduled office loan maturities reveals that $6.3 billion of loans are due in 2024.

**Wells Fargo’s Losses in Commercial Real Estate**

Wells Fargo’s CEO, Charlie Scharf, acknowledged higher losses in commercial real estate, especially in the office portfolio, according to the bank’s earnings report. The bank experienced a $949 million increase in the allowance for credit losses, primarily attributed to commercial real estate office loans and higher credit card loan balances. While significant losses in the office portfolio have yet to materialize, the bank is preparing for future weakness in the market.

Despite these challenges, Wells Fargo’s commercial real estate revenue grew to $1.33 billion, up 2% from the previous quarter and 26% from the previous year. This positive trend can be attributed to higher interest rates and loan balances. At the end of the second quarter, Wells Fargo had $154.3 billion worth of outstanding commercial real estate loans, with $33.1 billion allocated to office loans, representing 3% of its total outstanding loans.

**JPMorgan’s Provision for Credit Losses and Commercial Real Estate Revenue**

JPMorgan, in its second-quarter earnings report, announced a provision for credit losses amounting to $1.1 billion. This provision included a reserve of $608 million specifically established for the First Republic portfolio, which JPMorgan recently acquired. The bank attributed the provision to updates in assumptions related to office real estate and net downgrade activity in the Middle Market. Notably, net charge-offs of $100 million were primarily driven by office real estate.

Despite these challenges, JPMorgan reported an increase in commercial real estate revenue to $806 million in the second quarter, up from $642 million in the previous quarter. During the bank’s earnings call, the chief financial officer emphasized the relatively small size of their office portfolio and the majority focus on multifamily lending.


As the prevalence of remote and hybrid work continues to reshape the office sector, banks are preparing for potential losses in their office loan portfolios. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan have all seen the impact of credit deteriorations and provisioned for potential future weaknesses in the commercial real estate market. Despite these challenges, some banks have managed to achieve growth in commercial real estate revenue, albeit with a cautionary approach to the future of office real estate.

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