Latest: Startling Discovery of Headless Woman’s Corpse Found in Suitcase at Uttan Beach, Thane, Maharashtra

## **Shocking Discovery: Headless Woman Found on Uttan Beach | Uttan Murder Latest Update**

A shocking incident has rocked the shores of Uttan Beach in Maharashtra’s Thane district. The lifeless body of a young woman, estimated to be around 25 years old, was tragically discovered in a travel bag on the beach on the morning of June 2.

Passersby were disheartened as they spotted the headless corpse and quickly alerted the police, who promptly rushed to the scene. Uttan Sagari police wasted no time and promptly sent the decapitated body for post mortem.

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This disturbing tragedy sheds light on the rising crime rates in Maharashtra. Join us as we delve deeper into the investigation, uncovering shocking revelations surrounding this gruesome act. Stay informed with the latest updates on this Uttan Murder case by subscribing to Mirror Now.

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Stay tuned as our team of reporters uncovers the truth behind this heinous crime. Like, share, and comment below to spread awareness and justice for the victim.

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Shocking | A shocking incident has been reported from Uttan Beach in Maharashtra’s Thane district. The headless body of a woman was found in a travel bag on the beach. The body of the woman, aged around 25 years, was found on the morning of June 2. Passersby spotted the body and alerted police who immediately rushed to the spot. Uttan Sagari police then sent the decapitated body for post mortem. Watch the video here

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