Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures, Sebastien Loubry, Provides Valuable Insights on Insurtech

[**Sebastien Loubry on the Hottest Insurance Technologies and AXA’s Vision**]

In this captivating interview, Sebastien Loubry, Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures and Business Development and Communications Director, takes us into the dynamic world of insurance technologies. Discover the latest trends and insights that are shaping the industry and learn what AXA is on the lookout for.

As a leading expert in the field, Sebastien shares his extensive knowledge and expertise on various topics, including the promising potential of blockchain, the challenges of government regulations, and the impressive growth opportunities in Europe.

AXA Strategic Ventures, a trusted name in the industry, is committed to driving innovation and supporting entrepreneurs with a clear mission. Loubry reveals their dedication to creating an environment conducive to collaboration and growth for all stakeholders.

With a passion for staying ahead of the curve and a hunger for continuous development, AXA is actively seeking partnerships and investment opportunities. Discover how this global company is revolutionizing the insurance landscape and their vision for the future.


Want to gain valuable insights from an industry insider? Look no further! Click here to watch the full interview with Sebastien Loubry: [Link to YouTube video]

*Source: [AXA Strategic Ventures](*

Sebastien Loubry, Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures, Business Development and Communications Director, sharing his views on the world of insurance technologies, where the hottest trends are and what AXA is looking for.

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