Investment Insights with David Byrd of BlueYard Capital: Unveiling DeWi #002

# **Unleashing DeWi: Exploring the Future of Decentralized Wireless with David Byrd, Partner at BlueYard Capital**

Welcome to another exciting episode of Unleashing DeWi! In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting David Byrd, a Partner at BlueYard Capital. BlueYard is a renowned venture fund that supports visionary founders who are working on building the foundations of our future, including decentralized wireless (DeWi) projects like Helium’s recent acquisition, FreedomFi. David shares his inspiring journey into the world of venture capital and his deep dive into the crypto and DeWi space. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, David provides pragmatic advice for founders and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in this rapidly developing field.

**About BlueYard Capital:**
BlueYard Capital is an innovative venture fund that invests in cutting-edge ideas and technologies that have the potential to reshape our world. With a focus on interconnected elements, BlueYard empowers founders and entrepreneurs working on transformative projects, such as decentralized wireless networks. To learn more about BlueYard, visit their [website]( or follow them on [Twitter](

– 00:00 – Introduction
– 01:15 – David’s journey into venture capital and BlueYard Capital
– 03:45 – Exploring David’s transition into crypto and the decentralized wireless space
– 06:30 – Evaluating the current state of the DeWi landscape
– 09:45 – Challenges and opportunities for founders and entrepreneurs in the DeWi space
– 12:20 – Investment strategies in the DeWi sector
– 15:10 – Predictions for the future of decentralized wireless

DeWi, Decentralized Wireless, Helium, Venture Capital, Investing

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## **Unleashing DeWi: Building the Future of Decentralized Wireless**

Join us for a riveting conversation with David Byrd, Partner at BlueYard Capital, as we delve into the fascinating world of decentralized wireless (DeWi) networks. We discuss the transformative potential of DeWi projects like Helium and the challenges and opportunities within this rapidly evolving landscape. As an entrepreneur, founder, or investor interested in the future of connectivity, this episode is a must-watch!

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**Full Disclosure:**
BlueYard Capital has invested in 3NUM.


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On this episode of Unleashing DeWi we are joined by David Byrd, Partner at BlueYard Capital. BlueYard backs founders building the interconnected elements that can become the fabric of our future, including DeWi projects such as FreedomFi, which was acquired by Helium this year.

David shares the background story for how he became a VC, including what led him into crypto and DeWi more specifically. David brings a wealth of information to our conversation on the emerging DeWi landscape. He provides pragmatic advice for how founders and entrepreneurs should think about building in this growing space!

If you are interested in learning more about BlueYard, visit their website at:

Or, follow them on Twitter at:

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For full transparency, BlueYard invested in 3NUM 🙂

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