William McQuillan, Founding Partner of Frontline Ventures, Explores Pension Funds’ Role as LPs

**Pension Funds and Venture Capital: Unraveling the Intricacies of Investing**

Are you curious about how pension funds navigate the world of venture capital? In this insightful episode, William McQuillan, Founding partner of Frontline Ventures, delves into the complexities of signing pension funds as Limited Partners (LPs) in Pre-seed or seed funds in Europe.

Pension funds, by their very nature, prioritize risk aversion when it comes to investing. Considering they manage people’s pensions, it’s crucial for them to carefully evaluate their investment decisions. In most cases, venture capital represents one of the riskiest asset classes for them. As a result, pension funds typically allocate only between one and two percent of their entire portfolio to venture capital ventures[^1].

However, pension funds are often large-scale institutions with considerable financial clout. Writing a 5 million check may not be feasible for them. Instead, they prefer to invest significant sums, usually a minimum of 20 million, into funds. This presents a challenge for pre-seed or seed focused funds in Europe, as pension funds often require a substantial portion of your entire fund[^2].

If you are a pre-seed or seed focused fund in Europe aiming to raise capital, understanding the dynamics of pension fund investments is essential. Join William McQuillan in this episode of The European VC podcast to gain valuable insights that will benefit both venture capitalists and founders alike[^3].

Listen to the full interview [here]( and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of Venture Capital and Investing.

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“Pension funds, by their nature and rightfully so, are very risk averse investors.”

William highlights the intricacies of signing pension funds as LPs in Pre-seed or seed funds in Europe.
Listen to the 6th episode of The European VC with William McQuillan, Founding partner of Frontline Ventures, for tons of learnings for both VCs and founders!

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