Instagram Threads Surpasses 70 Million Users with Influential Tech Personalities Embracing the Twitter Clone

**Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s Face-Off: Threads and the Battle for Supremacy**
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently launched Threads, a Twitter-like app for Instagram users, sending shockwaves through the social media industry. In response, Twitter owner Elon Musk threatened to sue. This showdown between the two tech giants has captured the attention of the online world, with Threads quickly gaining popularity and emerging as a serious competitor to Twitter. Let’s delve into the details of this clash and see how Threads is making waves.

**Threads: The Game-Changer in the Social Media Landscape**
Since its launch on July 5, Threads has taken the internet by storm, quickly becoming the talk of the town. Trending on Twitter and dominating the charts on the App Store and Google Play, Threads has proven to be a significant threat to Twitter’s already beleaguered platform. Zuckerberg himself has been chronicling the success of Threads on his own Threads page, reporting astonishing numbers of sign-ups. In just two hours, the app garnered 2 million users, which skyrocketed to 5 million after four hours, and reached a staggering 70 million by July 7. The rapid growth of Threads has even outpaced the record set by ChatGPT, the fastest-growing app in internet history, which took two months to amass 100 million users.

**Threads’ Advantage: Instagram’s Vast User Base**
One significant advantage for Threads is its integration with Instagram, which boasts over two billion monthly active users. This head start allows Instagram users to seamlessly log into Threads upon download, instantly boosting its user base. Additionally, the immediate porting of followers from Instagram has contributed to Threads’ exponential growth. Twitter, on the other hand, falls far behind in terms of user numbers, even more so since legacy verifications were removed and limits were imposed on tweets. Nowadays, many top Twitter accounts have larger followings on Instagram, with influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Taylor Swift amassing millions of followers on the platform.

**Influential Figures Joining Threads**
Not surprisingly, numerous tech influencers hopped on the Threads bandwagon early and have been actively engaging with the platform. One such influencer is Marques Brownlee, a popular YouTuber with 20 million followers across various social media channels. Brownlee expressed his excitement about the potential of Threads, highlighting its ability to port everyone’s handles over from Instagram, thus ensuring an instant community. Mashable founder Pete Cashmore also chimed in, acknowledging Threads’ potential to surpass Twitter in terms of user numbers, but emphasizing the challenge of retaining those users. Nevertheless, being an early adopter of a new social network offers a sense of community, with venture capitalist Carter Reum and Kindred Ventures founder Steve Jang among those actively participating on Threads.

**Notable Figures to Follow on Threads**
If you’re seeking guidance on who to follow on Threads, here is a small sample of influential figures who have already joined the platform:

1. Aaron Levie – Box co-founder
2. Adam Mosseri – Head of Instagram
3. Alex Heath – The Verge editor
4. Alex Kantrowitz – Big Technology podcaster, CNBC contributor
5. Alexis Ohanian – Reddit co-founder, venture capitalist
6. Amanda Bradford – The League co-founder
7. Andrew Huberman – Stanford Neuroscience Professor
8. Andrew Ross Sorkin – CNBC anchor, Billions co-creator
9. Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post and Thrive Global founder
10. Baratunde Thurston – Futurist comedian

And many more influential voices are making their presence felt on Threads. This platform has attracted an array of industry experts, thought leaders, and tech enthusiasts who are actively engaging with the content and each other, fostering meaningful conversations.

**The Battle for Social Media Supremacy Rages On**
The clash between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter owner Elon Musk continues to captivate users worldwide. With the rise of Threads, the social media landscape is witnessing a significant shake-up. In this race for supremacy, Threads has emerged as a serious contender, posing a genuine threat to Twitter’s dominance. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this battle of the tech titans. As users, we can sit back, engage, and watch the drama unfold on Threads.

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