Exclusive: Anand Rajaraman of Rocketship VC Discusses the Potential for Cricket in the USA on CNBC TV18

**Title:** The US ML Cricket: Replicating the Success of IPL in India? | CNBC-TV18 Discussion

**Description:** In this captivating discussion between Shereen Bhan and a representative from Rocketship VC, the potential success of the upcoming 1st season of the U.S. ML Cricket is explored. With a focus on cricket-loving immigrants and the growing popularity of the sport in the United States, the conversation delves into the crossover of cricket and football fandoms. The discussion also features members of the SFO Unicorns team and highlights the potential impact of artificial intelligence in the startup and investing landscape. Don’t miss this engaging conversation about the future of cricket in the USA.

– 0:00 – Introduction and background
– 1:22 – Bringing Cricket to the USA
– 3:08 – The appeal of cricket in the US market
– 4:57 – The diverse ownership and team structure
– 7:13 – Excitement for the start of the first season
– 8:56 – The conflict of supporting multiple teams
– 10:30 – The economic opportunities in American cricket
– 12:48 – The passionate cricket-loving community in the US

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*Note: Timestamps and transcript may vary slightly.*

The U.S. ML Cricket will kickoff its 1st season in July, but can it replicate success of IPL in India? In a chat with Shereen Bhan, Rocketship VC’s points to “cricket-loving immigrants, says popularity trumps football & lists members of his SFO Unicorns team.

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