CNBC TV18 Conversations: HUL CFO Ritesh Tiwari discusses Rural Growth Recovery and M&A Opportunities

**Title: Ritesh Tiwari, CFO of Hindustan Unilever, discusses rural growth recovery and merger and acquisition opportunities**

**Video Description:**
In this segment of [CNBC TV18 Conversations](, Ritesh Tiwari, CFO of Hindustan Unilever, provides valuable insights on the recovery of rural growth and the potential for merger and acquisition opportunities in the FMCG industry.

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As the Chief Financial Officer of Hindustan Unilever, Ritesh Tiwari is well-versed in the dynamics of the FMCG industry in India. In this exclusive interview with CNBC TV18, he shares his expertise on the recent recovery in consumption and the shift towards volume-led growth in the sector.

Tiwari highlights the long-term growth pattern of the FMCG market, where historically, around two-thirds of growth came from volume and one-third from price. However, due to inflationary pressures, the industry experienced a period of price-led growth. With the tapering off of commodity prices and inflation, Tiwari expects a shift back to volume-led growth in the future.

He explains that the overall slowdown in the FMCG industry has bottomed out, with rural areas showing signs of recovery. Although rural growth has been under pressure due to factors such as heat waves, unseasonal rains, and potential deficient monsoons, macro factors such as declining inflation are supporting rural consumption.

Tiwari predicts that while volume-led growth may take some time to stabilize, the FMCG industry is expected to see a shift towards volume-led growth in the coming quarters. Overall, he emphasizes the positive outlook for Hindustan Unilever and the FMCG industry as a whole.

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In this segment of CNBC TV18 Conversations, Ritesh Tiwari, CFO of Hindustan Unilever, speaks on rural growth recovery and merger and acquisition opportunities. Listen in.

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