[EXCERPT] “The Freemium BtoC Business Model” with Ben Marrel, CEO of Breega

# How to Build a Sustainable Business Model in Fintech – Insights from Ben Marrel, CEO Breega

Looking to apply the ‘free internet’ business model to fintech? In this video, Ben Marrel, CEO of Breega, shares his insights on the challenges of generating revenue in the fintech space, and how to build a sustainable business model.

Marrel highlights the risks of offering completely free services without a clear path to monetization. Instead, he suggests taking a volume-based approach, focusing on building user loyalty over time. Still, Marrel acknowledges that it takes a strong team and a solid strategy to maintain user retention for years on end.

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Extrait de l’intervention de Ben Marrel, CEO Breega lors des Chroniques du Payment & Fintech Club #5 du 22 septembre 2022.

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