Eric Mathieu: Leading the Way in Customer Experience at American Airlines Cargo

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of American Airlines Cargo! In this video, Eric Mathieu, Managing Director of Customer Experience at American Airlines Cargo, sits down with Reji John, Editor of STAT Media Group, to discuss the exciting information technology changes implemented in the cargo operations of American Airlines. Learn how the adoption of important digital tools is revolutionizing the customer experience in the air freight industry.

In this conversation, Eric shares valuable insights into the various milestones of the shipment process that American Airlines Cargo has analyzed to ensure a seamless customer experience. From product offering to booking, tendering, and billing, Eric and his team have identified potential frictions faced by customers and have utilized digitalization to eliminate these barriers.

Join us as we delve into the advancements made by American Airlines Cargo in the digital transformation of their operations. Discover how digital tools like web cargo and cargo one have empowered customers to self-service and make bookings with ease. Additionally, Eric explores the exciting future improvements that will enhance visibility and tracking capabilities for customers, allowing them to have real-time information about their cargo.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion that highlights the intersection of technology and customer satisfaction in the air cargo industry. Like, comment, and subscribe to American Airlines Cargo’s YouTube channel to stay updated with the latest news and innovations in the world of logistics.

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Eric Mathieu, Managing Director – Customer Experience, American Airlines Cargo, speaks to Reji John, Editor of STAT Media Group, on the information technology changes introduced in the cargo operations of American Airlines and how implementation of important digital tools are improving customer experience.

#aircargo #airlines #digitalisation #customerexperience #airfreight #cargo #northamerica #technology #digitaltools #innovation #logistics

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