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## **[General presentation of C4 Ventures to HEC MBA students](source)**

In this informative video, C4 Ventures introduces themselves to HEC MBA students, providing insights into their name, team, past investments, and their investment criteria. Discover the choices they make when deciding to invest in a company and learn from real-life examples. Join them alongside Cozmo as they delve into the world of venture capital.

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## **[Meet C4 Ventures: Exploring Investment Choices](source)**

In this captivating video, C4 Ventures presents an in-depth look into their investment choices and the factors that influence their decisions. Follow along as they discuss the significance of their name, the vision behind their investments, and the transformative power of technology. Discover their unique investment approach and learn how they assess teams, market potential, technological innovation, and traction. Join them alongside Cozmo for an insightful journey into the world of venture capital.

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Today, we will discuss the choices that guide our investment decisions here at C4 Ventures. We will explore the choices we made when we graduated, how we defined our career paths, and how these choices influence our investment strategies. Join us as we share our experiences and learnings with Cozmo, shedding light on the importance of decision-making in the world of venture capital.

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Let’s begin by delving into the meaning behind our name, C4 Ventures. As some of you may know, C4 refers to an explosion. We are drawn to companies that are disruptive and have exponential revenue potential. Additionally, the name reflects our founder, Pascal Cagni, as “C” represents energy and “I” embodies Pascal. Pascal’s career-defining choice to trust Steve Jobs and join Apple revolutionized the tech industry. Similarly, our choice to bet on visionary founders and technology-led enterprises defines our investment approach here at C4 Ventures.

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Drawing on personal experiences, I recall my own decision in 2000 to pursue a career in technology rather than finance. Back then, the most exciting piece of tech was the fancy phone displayed in Alta Vista’s search results. This seemingly insignificant moment in time propelled me towards the tech industry, a choice I have never regretted. Around five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Pascal, and together we founded C4 Ventures. Our team consists of passionate individuals, including Alexander, our investment partner, who complement our diverse skill sets. We are also fortunate to have Cozmo, who is here to assist us today.

[Time Stamp: 05:15 – 07:37]
Now, let’s dive deeper into what distinguishes C4 Ventures. Our philosophy can be summed up with the quote “Google picks winners, but the truly remarkable choose.” In today’s landscape, venture capital firms no longer rely solely on brand names, but rather seek out the added value a partnership can bring. At C4 Ventures, our DNA sets us apart. We proudly hail from France, reflecting our strong French roots. With balanced offices in Paris and London, our investment focus lies predominantly on European companies, specifically targeting Series A and Series B stages. However, we also extend our support to American and Israeli companies seeking to enter the European market.

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Furthermore, we are laser-focused on three key sectors: smart hardware, future of commerce, and digital media. As technology enthusiasts ourselves, we initially started with b2c opportunities within the smart hardware sector. However, we recognize the evolving economics of this space and now emphasize direct-to-consumer propositions and the underlying infrastructure essential for e-commerce. In the realm of digital media, content is at the heart of our investments. To fortify our expertise, we partnered with dedicated operating partners who bring their extensive knowledge, experience, and networks across various sectors. Their involvement spans over 25 successful investments.

[Time Stamp: 09:40 – 12:04]
When assessing investment opportunities, we abide by certain criteria. We seek teams that embody excellence, valuing founders with a shared vision. Additionally, we look for innovative technologies and demand an entry barrier that demonstrates uniqueness and value creation. Finally, traction is a critical factor. We analyze various metrics, including customer acquisition, app downloads, traffic, lifetime value, sales cycles, and pipeline conversion rates. Our investments must exhibit notable traction to align with our growth-oriented strategy.

[Time Stamp: 12:04 – 14:03]
Reflecting on my own past choices, I encourage you, as aspiring professionals, to choose innovation over convention. Embrace the transformative power of technology and carve your own path towards success. I hope this presentation has provided valuable insights into our investment philosophy and decision-making process. Thank you for joining us, and Cozmo and I are here to answer any questions you may have.

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Q&A session begins.


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General presentation of C4 Ventures to HEC MBA students, our name, our team, investments and what we look for in an investment. With some help from Cozmo

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