‘Freighter Activity Emerges as a Significant Enabler’

**[Title]** Transforming Air Cargo Operations and Strengthening Freight Network | Exclusive Interview with Janet Wallace, Managing Director, Air Canada Cargo


In this exclusive interview, Janet Wallace, Managing Director of Cargo Operations & Transformation at Air Canada, discusses the strategic commercial partnership between Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo. She also dives into the company’s efforts to grow and strengthen its freighter network, providing increased cargo capacity and expanding its global reach.

Janet shares insights on the key focus areas for training and upskilling employees in the digital age, including the implementation of a learning management system and the use of micro-learning. She highlights the importance of digital savvy in the evolving workforce and the need to adapt training approaches accordingly.

As part of the Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo partnership, Janet discusses the aim to optimize freight capabilities, increase market share, and enhance global networks. While specific details are still being worked out, the collaboration is expected to bring significant opportunities for both airlines.

Janet also sheds light on Air Canada’s investment in building pharma handling capacities, with a state-of-the-art cold chain facility in Toronto. She emphasizes the importance of a quality management system, infrastructure, and packaging solutions to meet customer demands in the pharmaceutical sector. Air Canada Cargo aims to further grow this segment by participating in industry memberships and providing a comprehensive offering.

Additionally, the interview touches on the growth of perishables and e-commerce in recent years. With the new cold chain facility in Toronto, Air Canada Cargo can effectively handle perishable shipments throughout the year. The company is focused on bolstering e-commerce capabilities, collaborating with software development companies to ensure transparency and speed in handling customer demands.

Janet highlights that digitalization and sustainability are key trends in the air cargo industry post-pandemic. Air Canada has been actively digitalizing processes and services to generate valuable data and promote data sharing. While automation is a part of the digitalization journey, Janet doesn’t delve into specific automation trials in the interview.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Janet Wallace, where she shares the strategic initiatives driving Air Canada Cargo’s growth and transformation in the air cargo industry.

This interview is part of the ‘CONVERSATIONS’ series from the World Cargo Symposium hosted by IATA. Follow STAT Media for more industry updates and exclusive content.

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From bringing in engineers to reveal the nuances of work, to putting in place a learning management system for training, to decoding the power to digitalisation or data sharing or being part of the perishables and e-commerce growth story with her team- Janet Wallace has been in the thick of it all!

In this interview she talks about the strategic commercial partnership Air Canada Cargo and Emirates SkyCargo, and about how the company is growing and strengthening its freighter network with a new fleet to provide increased cargo capacity and putting a lot more dots on the map.

Janet Wallace, Managing Director, Cargo Operations & Transformation, Air Canada was speaking with Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor of STAT Media as part of ‘CONVERSATIONS’ – an exclusive interview series from the recently concluded World Cargo Symposium hosted by IATA recently.

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