What benefits does the digitalization bring to enhance the customer experience at American Airlines Cargo?

**Watch the full interview with Eric Mathieu, Managing Director of Customer Experience at American Airlines Cargo**

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In this interview, Eric Mathieu discusses how American Airlines Cargo is revolutionizing customer experience through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and digital tools. As the Managing Director of Customer Experience, Mathieu has spearheaded initiatives to improve every aspect of the customer journey, from initial product offering to billing. By analyzing potential frictions and restrictions faced by customers, American Airlines Cargo aims to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience.

**Key topics discussed:**

– Logistics and how digitalization can enhance customer experience
– The role of technology and digital tools in improving air freight processes
– The importance of erasing frictions and making it easy for customers to do business
– The impact of customer experience on the air cargo industry in North America

Don’t miss this insightful interview that sheds light on how American Airlines Cargo leverages innovation and technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Source: [The Air Cargo Europe Series From Munich]( by STAT Media Group

Eric Mathieu, Managing Director – Customer Experience, American Airlines Cargo, speaks about improving customer experience by implementing cutting-edge technology and digital tools.

Watch the full interview here:

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