NordicNinja Presents Slush Tokyo 2019

# Exploring Japan: Jetlag, Friendly People, and Finnish Influences
## A Travel Vlog by [Your Name]

**Good morning!** 🌅 I’m here in the vibrant and captivating country of Japan for the very first time. Jetlag has been quite a challenge, but that hasn’t stopped me from having an incredible trip so far.

From what I’ve experienced, Japan has lived up to all expectations. The people are incredibly friendly and their English skills are impressive. The cleanliness across the country is unbelievable – no trash bins, yet everything remains tidy. And let’s not forget the weather in February – it feels like a perfect summer here!

Speaking of Finland, it seems that Nordics are the current talk of the town. The buzz is all about the upcoming release of the movie part in Japan next month. This, in turn, has piqued the interest of the younger Japanese generation in exploring the Nordic region. What exciting collaborations and opportunities lie ahead?

But for now, my focus is on “slush startup activity” and connecting our Nordic ninja team with the local startup enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless!

Join me on this thrilling adventure through Japan, as we dive deep into the culture, uncover hidden gems, and embrace the fusion of Finnish influences in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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