Sprintex Anticipates High Demand for Groundbreaking Turbo Blower

[Sprintex Ltd](, a leading Australian tech company listed on ASX under the ticker symbol SIX, presents an exciting breakthrough in industrial blower technology with their innovative G15 self-contained blower. In this video, Sprintex’s Managing Director, Jay Upton, reveals the remarkable energy-saving capabilities of the G15 Turbo Blower.

By conducting comprehensive testing, Sprintex has confirmed that the G15 Turbo Blower achieves an impressive 27% energy saving in constant speed operation. What’s even more impressive is when Sprintex’s cutting-edge SPA (Sprintex Positive Airflow) technology is incorporated, resulting in an astounding 40% energy saving compared to traditional systems.

This video showcases the substantial energy efficiency enhancements offered by the G15 Turbo Blower, making it an attractive option for various industrial applications. With its range of 3kW to 7kW, the G15 Turbo Blower delivers exceptional performance while significantly reducing energy consumption, thus providing considerable cost savings for businesses.

As a leading financial news platform, Proactive Investors is excited to share this groundbreaking technology with investors and individuals interested in the stock market. Sprintex Ltd’s innovative blower represents a promising investment opportunity in the tech sector, particularly for those seeking sustainable and cost-effective industrial solutions.

If you’re looking to invest in a company at the forefront of energy-efficient technologies, Sprintex Ltd should definitely be on your radar. Stay tuned to Proactive Investors for the latest news and updates on Sprintex and other emerging tech companies.

For more information about Sprintex Ltd, please visit their official website.

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Sprintex Ltd (ASX:SIX) MD Jay Upton tells Proactive the company has completed initial energy consumption and wastewater oxygenation efficiency testing on its new G15 self-contained 3kW to 7kW general purpose industrial blower. He says in constant speed operation, the G15 Turbo Blower showcases an impressive 27% energy saving, while incorporating the Sprintex SPA technology yields an even more remarkable 40% energy saving when compared to traditional systems.

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