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Are you ready to stay ahead of the stock market game? Join Simon Hanouka from OptionsDesk as he shares the latest insights on the US debt resolution progress and its impact on the stock market. In this engaging video, Simon discusses how the S&P 500 has reached its highest levels since August 2022, thanks to positive progress on the debt ceiling. Tech giants like Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have benefited greatly from this risk-on mood, leading to a surge in long-dated call options on these stocks.

But that’s not all. The video also sheds light on the effects of weaker-than-expected economic data from China. The global commodities market experienced a downturn, with copper and oil taking a hit alongside mining stocks. As a result, there is an increased demand for long-copper futures and call options for oil.

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Simon Hanouka from OptionsDesk tells Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion that progress on a possible resolution to the US debt ceiling saw the S&P 500 improve to its best levels since August 2022, with tech stocks including Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Netflix benefitting from the risk-on mood. This resulted in a move into long-dated call options on these tech stocks, he added.

Meanwhile, weaker-than-expected economic data from China had an a negative effect on commodities including copper and oil, as well as mining stocks. This led to increased demand for long-copper futures and call options for oil.

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