El negocio del Venture Capital y la inversión en Startups

Welcome to the entrepreneur’s cave, the podcast where entrepreneurs on the front lines of battle tell us their stories as they truly are, without myths or gurus. In this episode, we have Nacho Sánchez from Adara Ventures joining us. We take the opportunity to gain insight into how venture capital funds make investment decisions in companies and what entrepreneurs should consider when seeking funding.


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Welcome, everyone, to the entrepreneur’s cave, the podcast where entrepreneurs on the front lines of battle tell us their stories as they truly are, without myths or gurus. Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome back once again to the entrepreneur’s cave. Good afternoon, Pablo. How are you? How’s everything going? Well, all is good here, another week gone by, and we’ve already reached four episodes. Who would have thought that we would be so dedicated to entrepreneurship and business in this new season? It’s like an intensive master’s program. Plus, we’re having amazing guests with a lot of experience and interesting stories to share. It’s a learning experience every day. So, I say we keep going full steam ahead. Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been learning a lot. Initially, our idea was to take advantage of this and get free consulting. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. Ever since we started doing weekly episodes, it’s been fantastic. Before introducing our guest, I want to thank Fiscality Asesores once again for sponsoring this season of the podcast. You all know them. is an online management service specializing in digital businesses. They have worked with various successful startups, and we are delighted with their services. They approached us to sponsor the podcast because they loved that we talk about business and entrepreneurship. It was a perfect fit, so we didn’t have to think twice about it. You can hire their services from anywhere, even though it’s an online consultancy, you’ll always have someone there to assist you. They are not just a software. If you go to them through Cebra, tell them you come from Cebra. If you say you’re from Cebra, they will provide free initial consultation and setup. So, just remember to mention that you’re from the entrepreneur’s cave, or even say you’re with Pablo or Alberto from the cave. It’s that simple. No mystery. You can call them or send them an email. It’s fantastic because the other day, I had to talk to my bank. I dialed 7, then 8, and after 35 minutes, they told me it was outside office hours. With Fiscality Asesores, you send an email or call them, and they respond promptly. They stay up to date with the latest business trends, which is something traditional business management firms may not do. So, for me, it’s a guarantee of success to know that there’s always someone behind the scenes ready to help. I’m delighted to have them with us this season. Just sending an email or giving them a call is awesome. Well, without further ado, let’s introduce today’s guest. Here he is, on screen, Nacho Sánchez from Adara Ventures. Hello Nacho, how are you? Good afternoon, Pablo. Good afternoon, Alberto. Thank you for having me. Thank you for coming. Your microphone sounds great. We had a little issue at the beginning. We were wondering why we couldn’t hear you, but it was just a matter of activating your microphone, of course. Nacho, first of all, thanks for being here. As we mentioned earlier, and thank you for making time for us, we know how busy you are. We’ve been doing this on a weekly basis, and we’re always tight on time. We appreciate your willingness to talk about the world of startups and venture capital. It seems that they call me whenever someone mentions startups and venture capital. I didn’t have any other choice but to come. Just let me know in advance next time. I needed to be here. Anyway, let’s talk about your background and what Adara Ventures does. If you’d like, you can introduce yourself a bit more. Essentially, Adara Ventures is a venture capital investment fund that invests in startups, companies in their early stages. Tell us more about your background and anything else you’d like to highlight. I could talk for ages, but I’ll try to keep it short. Beyond my studies and my experience in various data science fields, I’ve always been involved in startup consultancy from the beginning. It started as a hobby while I was still in college, but it became more professional as I progressed academically. Eventually, I decided to turn my hobby into a career and began consulting, then moved on to incubators, and finally, the venture capital world, where I invest in more mature startups. It’s fun to see these startups grow and face different challenges, as we support them until the end. It’s interesting because people always ask me if I’ve been an entrepreneur. In reality, I’ve been more of an entrepreneurship manager, experiencing entrepreneurship from various angles, except for the actual process of starting a venture. I’ve seen the consultancy side, agency format, incubation, and now, investment. I’ve been immersed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem without actually starting my own venture. That’s my journey so far. Amazing. So, essentially, you’ve experienced all aspects of the startup world and continue to do so. You’ve built teams from scratch and nurtured them until they needed funding. Now, you’re involved in venture capital. Absolutely. It’s true. I’ve had the chance to experience the entire startup journey, except for being the entrepreneur myself.

Nacho Sánchez de Adara Ventures nos acompaña en este episodio. Aprovechamos para conocer desde dentro como toman las decisiones de inversión en empresas los fondos de capital riesgo y que deben tener en cuenta los emprendedores cuando buscan financiación.

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