De Weere – Fire Breaks Out on August 6, 2023


Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Inter Visual Studio. In this video, we bring you the latest news on the unfortunate fire incident that occurred in De Weere on June 8th.

At around 6:30 am, firefighters were called to a shed fire on Driestedenweg. The flames had spread to the adjacent house, causing significant damage. Our cameras were there to capture the intensity of the situation.

As the firefighters battled the blaze, they discovered materials around the building that could potentially be asbestos. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, an expert has been called in to assess the situation.

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For more information on this incident, visit [NH Nieuws]( (source).

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In een schuur aan de Driestedenweg in De Weere is op 8 juni brand uitgebroken. Brandweerlieden werden rond 6.30 uur van hun bed gelicht. De vlammen waren overgeslagen naar de woning ernaast. Rond het gebouw is materiaal gevonden wat mogelijk asbest kan zijn. Een expert kijkt hiernaar.

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