Discussion with Justin Floor, PSG Asset Management’s Head of Equities (April 2023) – Condensed

## **Investing in Sustainable Returns: Insights from Justin Floor, Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management**

In this insightful video, Justin Floor, the Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management, shares his unique perspective on how to navigate today’s markets and construct portfolios that deliver consistent and sustainable returns. Hosted by independent moderator Joanne Baynham, this interview provides valuable insights from a seasoned fund manager with a proven track record in investment management.

**Why Should You Watch This Video?**
Join us as we delve into the key strategies employed by Justin Floor to achieve sustainable returns in a rapidly evolving investment landscape. Discover how PSG Asset Management identifies emerging opportunities and leverages its expertise to stay ahead of the curve. Gain valuable insights into the following topics:

– Exploring the enduring investment theme of underinvested sectors (such as infrastructure, commodities, and energy) and why they hold immense potential in today’s market.
– Understanding the importance of macro awareness in portfolio construction and how it helps in navigating the evolving investment environment.
– Unveiling the unveiling the philosophy behind constructing portfolios that have different drivers, thus ensuring resilience and performance across various market scenarios.
– Discovering the significance of a unifying culture within the investment team and its impact on making rational decisions during periods of fear and greed.

**Stay Informed and Stay Ahead**
As the investment landscape undergoes significant shifts, it is crucial to gain insights from industry leaders like Justin Floor. PSG Asset Management’s unique approach to investment management coupled with their forward-thinking strategies offers investors the opportunity to achieve sustainable returns in a changing world.

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In this video, Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management, Justin Floor, talks to independent moderator Joanne Baynham about how we look at markets and how our portfolios are constructed.

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