Next-Generation Investors Reveal a Revolutionary Approach to Early-Stage VC: Insights from the Summit 2023

**Title:** VC Panel Discussion: Insights on the Current State and Future of Startup Funding


In this insightful panel discussion, Natasha Lytton (Head of Brand & Network, Seedcamp), Keji Mustapha (Global Director of Brand & Community, Partech), and Lina Zakarauskaite (Principal, share their expertise on the current state and future of startup funding. The discussion is moderated by Cathy White (Founder and CEO, CEW Communications).

Natasha introduces Seedcamp, a fund that has recently raised its sixth fund worth $180 million. As an agnostic fund, Seedcamp invests in various types of businesses across Europe. With over 15 years of experience, Natasha shares her excitement for the panel discussion.

Lina, representing, talks about their early-stage fund and their focus on backing seed-stage companies. Lina brings her experience as an operator turned investor, having previously headed up Grove at Secret Escapes. She looks forward to discussing the future of venture.

Keji, from Partech, highlights their multi-stage, multi-geography, and multi-sector firm, which manages assets worth $2.5 billion. Keji emphasizes that despite the market hype and concerns, their strategy remains unchanged, and they continue to invest from seed to growth stages. Their recent launch of a new Africa fund demonstrates their commitment to their investment philosophy.

The panelists humorously acknowledge that they belong to the millennial generation rather than gen Z, setting a lighthearted tone for the discussion. Cathy then leads the panelists into reflecting on the tough past 12 to 18 months in the VC world and the startup funding landscape.

Keji affirms that while there has been hype and media buzz around a slowdown in the industry, Patek has remained steadfast in their strategies. They recently closed a new Africa fund and continue to value long-term, sustainable investments.

Lina echoes Keji’s sentiment, highlighting the constant ebb and flow of venture and tech markets. She emphasizes the importance of staying true to an investment firm’s strengths and strategies, rather than chasing every new trend or hype.

Natasha adds that turbulence and challenges have been part of the tech ecosystem for the past few years, including the global pandemic and Brexit. However, resilience and adaptability are core aspects of the tech industry, enabling organizations like Seedcamp to navigate through uncertain times successfully.

As the discussion continues, the panelists delve deeper into their experiences, including Natasha sharing insights into raising funds during the current climate and the value of their track record. The panelists collectively discuss the future of startup funding and how the industry can continue to evolve and adapt to challenges.

Join Natasha, Lina, Keji, and Cathy in this engaging panel discussion as they provide valuable insights into the world of venture capital and the future of startup funding.


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Natasha Lytton (Head of Brand & Network, Seedcamp)
Keji Mustapha (Global Director of Brand & Community, Partech)
Lina Zakarauskaite (Principal,
Moderator: Cathy White (Founder and CEO, CEW Communications)

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