Digital Rights Management: A Comprehensive Guide with Eugene Choi & Govind Menon

**[Title: Exploring Digital Rights Management for YouTube & Other Platforms](source)**

Welcome to Explain Like I’m 10! In this episode, we delve into the important topic of digital rights management for YouTube and other major platforms. Join us as Eugene Choi, Co-Founder & CEO of Collab Asia, shares insights on managing your digital assets and protecting your rights in the online world. We are also joined by Govind Menon, a popular Instagram reel sensation and our union leader of spectator, who brings a comedic touch to the discussion.

From understanding your rights as a creator to leveraging technology for asset protection, we cover the essentials of digital rights management. This concise and informative conversation includes real-life examples that shed light on this crucial issue.

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Join us as we explore how you can go viral while safeguarding your rights!

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**Full Transcript:**
**Host:** Today, let’s explore the concept of digital rights management and understand its relevance in the digital space. Do people in the digital world have rights? And if they do, how can they manage and protect those rights? Joining me today is Eugene Choi, the CEO and co-founder of Collab Asia. Eugene, welcome! Can you tell us more about digital rights and management?

**Eugene:** Certainly! At Collab Asia, we are an official partner of YouTube. Our partnership allows us to help creators and clients manage their YouTube channels and content assets, such as videos and songs. We aim to empower creators to maximize their earnings on YouTube and other platforms. We want to support them in achieving financial independence so they can fully dedicate themselves to their creative pursuits.

**Host:** That’s fascinating! So, Eugene, how does influencer marketing and management work in this context?

**Eugene:** Influencer marketing is a global phenomenon, and it works similarly in different regions, including Korea and India. We collaborate with brands and agencies to connect them with creators for sponsorships and product placements. Additionally, we assist creators in monetizing their content on YouTube through revenue sharing. YouTube remains one of the most lucrative platforms for content monetization.

**Govind:** As someone who has explored influencer marketing, I can say that it plays a crucial role for creators like me. These management agencies bridge the gap between creators and brands, opening up opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships.

**Host:** That’s a great perspective, Govind. Eugene, are there any regional differences in earnings for creators on platforms like YouTube?

**Eugene:** Absolutely. Earnings are directly tied to factors such as ad rates and CPM (cost per thousand impressions). In regions like Southeast Asia and India, the earnings might be lower compared to countries like the United States. However, YouTube still offers significant monetization opportunities regardless of the region.

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In this episode, we’ll explore the important topic of digital rights management for YouTube & other major platforms with Eugene Choi, Co-Founder & CEO of Collab Asia. Along with him we have Instagram reel sensation, the funny guy Govind Menon as our union leader of spectator. From understanding your rights as a creator to using technology to protect your digital assets, we’ll cover the essentials of managing your digital rights in the online world. Join us for a concise and informative discussion with real-life examples on this crucial issue.

Tune in & know ‘How to Go Viral’ while protecting your rights!

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