‘The Convergence of Cyber Physical Systems Leads to Transformational Changes’

**Title: Discovering the Future of Cyber Physical Systems | Prof. Ashutosh Sharma**


Welcome to StratNewsGlobal’s Science and Tech series where Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Science & Technology, delves into the fascinating world of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). In this thought-provoking video, Prof. Sharma expounds on the seamless convergence across sectors, businesses, and individuals brought about by high-speed connectivity, exemplified by the upcoming 5G technology. With an emphasis on cybersecurity and digitalization, this transformative shift is poised to open new frontiers in technology.

As Prof. Sharma explains the implications of CPS, he emphasizes the importance of careful planning and implementation. The economy will soon demand new job skills, requiring sufficient time for training and upskilling. Join us in this captivating conversation with Prof. Ashutosh Sharma to gain insights into the future of CPS and its impact on our lives.

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NEW DELHI: In this the third and last in StratNewsGlobal’s Science and Tech series, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma talks about Cyber Physical Systems that will be characterised by seamless convergence across sectors, businesses and individuals, driven by high speed connectivity (5G is the case in point) and high latency.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, who is Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, says the move will be transformational, and will open to new technology frontier. Which is why it must be carefully thought through, planned and implemented to allow enough time to train and skill people for the new jobs that the economy will require.

More in this conversation with Prof. Ashutosh Sharma.

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