How Google Taiwan Pioneers Innovative Features and Products

**Developing new solutions**

At Google Taiwan, our dedicated team of Googlers is focused on developing next-generation hardware and software solutions. Through their innovative work, they aim to create products that enhance people’s lives and empower them to make better choices. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting projects our team is working on.

Senior Product Manager Sue Huang leads the Fitbit team in Taiwan. Their goal is to create devices that help people understand and improve their health. One of their recent achievements is the launch of the Sleep Profile, a premium feature that provides users with a detailed monthly analysis of their sleep patterns. By offering valuable insights, Fitbit devices encourage users to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Another vital project is the development of the Pixel Fold, spearheaded by Director of Technical Program Management Sumi Sam. The Pixel Fold is the first Google phone that deviates from the traditional candy bar-shaped design. Its foldable screen provides users with increased versatility, allowing them to use either one screen or two. Designing this innovative device has presented several challenges, from redesigning the battery to custom-building the hinge. However, the hardworking team has successfully overcome these obstacles, pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.

**Solving challenges for the rest of the world**

In addition to advancing technology, our teams in Taiwan are committed to solving global challenges. They aim to contribute to the betterment of society and address issues that affect people worldwide.

Amy Lai, a Nest hardware engineer manager, is part of a team responsible for electrical designs across Nest’s product portfolio. Their work involves end-to-end product development, ensuring that design aligns with global business goals and that technical development progresses smoothly. Currently, their main focus is sustainability, in response to the pressing issue of climate change. The team is dedicated to creating ways for smart thermostats to help people reduce energy consumption, combating the adverse effects of global warming.

Software Engineer Manager Nicolas Boichat plays a crucial role in developing the drivers for the chips used in Pixel phones. Google’s in-house System on a Chip (SOC) design enables the team to prioritize features that truly matter to users. One such feature is the Magic Eraser, which allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted items from their photos. Additionally, the team has introduced the Photo Unblur feature, which enhances the clarity of blurry photos. Through continuous innovation, they strive to provide Pixel phone users with a more enjoyable and seamless photography experience.

By tackling global challenges and developing cutting-edge solutions, our teams in Taiwan are making significant contributions to the advancement of technology and the betterment of people’s lives. Their dedication and passion are what drive them to push the boundaries and continue to innovate.

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