Connecting Football Fans to the Game through Pixel and the FA

**Google Pixel Announces Partnership with The Football Association: Bringing Fans Closer to the Game**

**The Changing Face of Football Fandom in 2023**

In recent years, the experience of being a football fan has undergone a significant transformation. The modern football supporter is no longer limited to the confines of a stadium. Instead, they can stream matches on the go, analyze tactical intricacies on social media, and even capture their own tricks, chants, and celebrations on a local five-a-side pitch.

**The Rising Importance of Mobile Phones in the Fan Experience**

With phones becoming an integral part of the fan experience, Google Pixel is delighted to announce its new multi-year partnership with The Football Association (FA) as the Official Mobile Phone and Earbuds Partner. This collaboration aims to bring fans closer to the game they love, particularly through the involvement of the England senior men’s and women’s teams.

**Uniting the Fanbase: The Power of the England National Teams**

The England national teams, both the men’s and women’s sides, have a unique ability to unite not just football fanatics, but entire communities. International tournaments have the incredible power to bring families and friends together, creating a shared experience unlike any other. Consequently, partnering with The FA offers unparalleled opportunities for impacting all of English football.

**Innovative Fan Perspectives: Pixel Camera and AI Technology**

One of the key ways in which Google Pixel aims to enhance the fan experience is through the utilization of its cutting-edge Pixel camera and AI-powered technology. By providing fans with fresh perspectives on their favorite players, this innovative approach aims to immerse supporters into the heart of the action.

**Pitchside Action: ‘Pitchside, Presented by Pixel’**

As part of this partnership, a new series titled ‘Pitchside, Presented by Pixel’ will be launched. This series will be featured on the social channels of the England teams, offering direct access to the exhilarating world of football. Additionally, fan-led stories will be showcased, highlighting the magical experience of England match days. Star Lioness, Lauren James, will also lead the UK ‘Football on Pixel’ campaign this summer.

**Promoting Women’s Football: Inspiring Participation**

An essential aspect of this collaboration is the ambition to increase visibility for women’s football. By delivering a greater quantity and higher quality of women’s football content, the aim is to inspire more girls and women to become involved in the sport and contribute to its progress.

In conclusion, the partnership between Google Pixel and The Football Association marks a significant milestone in the evolution of football fandom. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and the iconic England national teams, Google Pixel aims to bring fans closer to the game they love, while promoting greater inclusivity and participation in women’s football.

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