Code Green: Welcoming Clean Energy, Bidding Farewell to Coal

**Hawaii Leads in Clean Electricity: Transitioning from Coal to Green Energy**

Welcome to the Think Tech Hawaii show, hosted by Jay Fidell. In this episode, our esteemed guest is Howard Wiig. We discuss the upcoming closure of Oahu’s coal-fired power plant on August 31, 2022, and the efforts of Hawaiian Electric and the Hawaii State Energy Office to ensure a smooth transition to renewable energy sources. We also address concerns about potential brownouts and the search for replacement energy.

Hawaiian Electric has been diligently planning for this transition, but unforeseen circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have impacted the availability of renewable energy technologies. Despite these challenges, we have confidence in the capability of Hawaiian Electric’s engineers to maintain a steady power supply using fossil fuel-fired power plants until more green energy solutions can be implemented.

One promising solution is the development of solar farms with battery backup. These farms can store excess energy generated during peak production hours and release it during times of high demand, such as evenings when the sun goes down and tourists return to their accommodations. The implementation of battery farms at both the utility and residential levels will help address the need for reliable energy storage.

To support the transition to clean energy, both federal and state energy tax credits for photovoltaic installations have been extended. Homeowners are taking advantage of these incentives and are increasingly installing their own batteries alongside solar panels. However, it is important to note that state tax credits for retrofitting existing installations with batteries are still pending legislation.

While the Hawaii State Energy Office plays a supportive role in the transition, the responsibility of maintaining a stable power supply primarily falls on Hawaiian Electric. Their engineers are well-prepared to handle the temporary reliance on fossil fuel power plants until more renewable energy sources can be brought online.

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Hawaii Leads in Clean Electricity. The host for this show is Jay Fidell. The guest is Howard Wiig.

Oahu’s 180 megawatt power plant closes August 31, 2022. Keeping the lights on involves a massive team effort led by Hawaiian Electric. The Hawaii State Energy Office is a very supportive partner doing all we can to reduce electricity use and bring on renewable energy sources.

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