The Future of Family Living Transformed by Female-Led Ventures: Jennifer Mandelbaum

**Title: Supporting Women-Led Startups | M&A Masters ft. Jennifer Mandelbaum, Halogen Ventures**


In this episode of M&A Masters, Jennifer Mandelbaum, Senior Investment Director at Halogen Ventures, discusses the unique approach and strategies that set Halogen apart in the venture capital industry. Halogen Ventures is a California-based fund that focuses on investing in early-stage consumer technology startups led by women founders. Join us as Jennifer shares insights on the changing landscape of women-founded businesses and the importance of supporting their growth.


0:00 Introduction to M&A Masters and guest speaker Jennifer Mandelbaum

1:15 Halogen Ventures: Investing in early-stage consumer tech startups with female founders

2:30 The key differentiators of Halogen Ventures and its hands-on strategy

5:10 Halogen’s 3-word marketing strategy for helping women showcase their unique gifts

7:35 Investing in women-founded companies that support the evolving lifestyle needs of families

9:45 Key trends in the venture capital industry for 2022 and beyond

11:20 Closing thoughts and future outlook for Halogen Ventures


– [Jennifer Mandelbaum on LinkedIn](

– [Halogen Ventures Official Website](


[Patrick Stroth, Host]: Hello there! I’m Patrick Stroth, trusted authority in executive and transactional liability, and president of Rubicon M&A Insurance Services. Today, I’m joined by Jennifer Mandelbaum, Senior Investment Director at Halogen Ventures. Halogen Ventures is a California-based venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage consumer technology companies led by women founders or with female leadership. Jennifer, welcome to the show!

[Jennifer Mandelbaum]: Thank you for having me, Patrick. It’s a pleasure to be here and discuss the exciting world of venture capital.

[Patrick]: Today, we have a unique opportunity to dive into the world of venture capital, something we don’t usually explore on M&A Masters. So, Jennifer, let’s start by learning more about your journey and what led you to this point in your career.

[Jennifer]: Venture capital has always been my dream, inspired by my father’s entrepreneurial journey. Watching him build his business from scratch, I developed a passion for helping others grow their businesses. It all started when I created my own eBay business during college, which taught me valuable business skills and customer service.

Post-college, I worked at family offices, allowing me to support entrepreneurs like my father and develop valuable judgment in evaluating venture-backed funds. This led me to the New England Venture Network (NEVIN), where I became the first female president in its 20-year history. At NEVIN, I founded a subgroup called WIN (Women in NEVIN), aiming to connect and empower women in the industry.

After gaining operational experience in luxury consumer packaged goods, I found my passion in investing in and supporting innovative startups and female founders. This journey finally led me to Halogen Ventures, where I can continue marrying my passions and making a difference.

[Patrick]: Your journey is truly inspiring, Jennifer. Now, let’s dive into Halogen Ventures itself. How did the firm get its name, and what makes it stand out in the venture capital landscape?

[Jennifer]: Halogen Ventures was founded by Jesse Draper, a fourth-generation venture capitalist who believes that women entrepreneurs are the salt of the earth. This belief led her to name the firm “Halogen,” deriving from the Greek words for salt-producing. Jesse is a pioneer in investing in women founders, and she has become a prominent figure in the industry. Halogen Ventures stands out for its dedication to supporting women-led startups and its hands-on strategy, which sets it apart from other firms.

[Patrick]: That’s remarkable, Jennifer. Investing, supporting, and growing startups led by women is not something typically associated with venture capital. Can you elaborate on how Halogen Ventures goes beyond traditional investment and supports the growth of these businesses?

[Jennifer]: Absolutely, Patrick. At Halogen, we believe in the power of mentorship, influence, and networking. We not only invest in women-led startups but also provide hands-on support to help them succeed. Our unique 3-word marketing strategy helps women showcase their unique gifts and talents, empowering them to excel in the male-dominated tech industry. We also focus on investing in companies that shape the changing needs of families’ lives, work, and shopping experiences in today’s evolving world.

[Patrick]: Fascinating! It’s clear that Halogen Ventures is committed to creating opportunities for women founders and driving innovation in consumer technology. Before we wrap up, can you share any trends or predictions for the venture capital industry in 2022 and beyond?

[Jennifer]: Certainly, Patrick. We anticipate continued growth and interest in investing in women-led businesses. With the proven success and higher ROI of female-led companies, more investors are recognizing the immense opportunities they offer. Additionally, we expect to see increased innovation in sectors that support remote work, e-commerce, and sustainability. Halogen Ventures is excited to be at the forefront of these trends, supporting founders who are making a significant impact.

[Patrick]: Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your insights and experiences at Halogen Ventures. It’s been a pleasure having you on M&A Masters, and we look forward to seeing the continued success of your investments and the growth of women-led startups.

*Note: This transcript has been edited for clarity and readability.*


– [Jennifer Mandelbaum on LinkedIn](

– [Halogen Ventures Official Website](

On this week’s episode of M&A Masters, we speak with Jennifer Mandelbaum, Senior Investment Director at Halogen Ventures.

Halogen Ventures is a California-based Venture Capital fund focused on investing in early stage consumer technology startups with a female on the founding team.

Female led businesses represent a massive opportunity. They deliver higher ROI and deliver higher payouts on exits, but they are still having issues raising money. Halogen Ventures, led by Jesse Draper, is ready to change that by investing in companies creating technologies that are changing lives in the consumer space.

Jennifer walks us through:
* The key things that separate Halogen from all the other businesses out there, plus their hands-on strategy that supports the whole of every business they work with
* The 3 word marketing strategy Halogen uses to help women portray the unique gifts they bring to the table
* How they are jumping into women founded companies that support the changing way families live, work, and shop today
* The trends she sees coming for the rest of 2022 and beyond
* And more

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