Code Green: Selling with a Focus on Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

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Americans are increasingly concerned about climate change and are actively seeking ways to contribute to global cooling. One powerful way they can make a difference is by purchasing energy-efficient homes. In this episode of Think Tech Hawaii, host Howard Wiig welcomes Judy Sobin, a certified Green real estate agent, to discuss the benefits of green homes and their impact on the market.

With soaring electricity prices in Hawaii, buyers have a strong incentive to look for homes with low electricity usage. Energy efficiency has become a major selling point, and real estate agents play a crucial role in promoting these properties. Sobin shares her expertise on the topic, drawing from her training and personal experience in the community.

Throughout the episode, Wiig and Sobin discuss various aspects of creating energy-efficient homes. They touch upon hyper-efficiency, the Energy Star program, and the importance of insulation in keeping homes cool and reducing the need for artificial air conditioning. Sobin also emphasizes the impact of small, everyday choices in making homes greener.

As the discussion unfolds, Sobin highlights key factors that contribute to a comfortable and healthy environment in homes. She emphasizes the connection between energy efficiency and operational costs, urging viewers to consider the long-term benefits of green living. Moreover, Sobin and Wiig touch upon Hawaii’s commitment to sustainability and the role of local government in shaping a greener community.

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Green Homes Sell Well. The host for this show is Howard Wiig. The guest is Judy Sobin.

Americans are now acutely aware of the dangers of climate change and want to contribute to global cooling. They can do this by ensuring that the homes they buy are as energy efficient as possible. Therefore, preparing the home to be as efficient as possible is a major selling point. Plus, Hawai‘i’s sky-high electricity prices give buyers every incentive to look for homes with the lowest possible electricity usage.

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