CM YS Jagan offers guidance to students in Data Science, Machine Learning, ChatGPT during interview with Sakshi TV

**Title: CM YS Jagan Offers Valuable Advice to Students in the Field of Data Science and Machine Learning | Sakshi TV**


Are you a student interested in the dynamic and rapidly-growing field of data science and machine learning? Then you don’t want to miss this insightful video featuring CM YS Jagan delivering valuable advice to students.

In this video, CM YS Jagan shares his thoughts and insights on the importance of data science and machine learning in today’s world. He discusses the opportunities and challenges in these fields and provides valuable tips for students aspiring to build a successful career in data science and machine learning.

To gain a deeper understanding of this exciting field and to hear from an influential leader like CM YS Jagan, watch the full video on Sakshi TV’s YouTube Live stream here: [CM YS Jagan Advices To Students | Data Science | Machine Learning | ChatGPT | Sakshi TV](

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CM YS Jagan Advices To Students | Data Science | Machine Learning | ChatGPT | Sakshi TV
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