Canada’s Conservative Senate Takes Action on User Generated Content in C-11, With North Korea Being Uninvolved, Encouraging Improved Censorship

## **Conservative Senate Rail C-11 Over User Generated Content: N Korea Stand Aside Canada Censors Better**

In this video, Senator Housakos discusses the controversial Bill C-11, which many have criticized as an act of Canadian censorship. Tech executives have even compared it to the censorship laws in North Korea. Senator Housakos shares his concerns about the bill and questions why the government rejected amendments that would have ensured user-generated content is excluded.

The Senate, as the Upper House in Canada’s parliamentary democracy, plays a vital role in shaping the country’s future. Senators scrutinize legislation, propose improvements, and fix mistakes. The Senate’s approval is necessary for a bill to become law, and senators also introduce their own bills and foster debate on important national issues.

Originally created to balance representation in the House of Commons, the Senate now gives voice to underrepresented groups like Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, and women. This channel offers exclusive interviews, music, and more from @SafeSpaceCafe.

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**Transcript of the video:**
Senator Housakos: Speaker, my question is for the government leader and it has to do with user-generated content and digital first content providers. It’s nice to hear the minister say that digital users content providers will not be part of this bill C11. It’s nice to hear the sponsor of the real estate in this chamber, and it’s great and reassuring to hear it in your speech. But the reality of the matter is the amendments that we sent over in good faith, which made it clear that user-generated content would not be caught up in the web that’s being spun by this piece of legislation, were rejected by the government. So my question is a very simple one: Why wouldn’t the government accept those amendments, making it clear in the law, not a commitment on the part of the government, that user-generated content will be excluded and carved out? Why did the government reject those amendments, given the fact that we should take at face value and accept that those amendments would put in the law the stated intent of what you just shared with us in your speech?

Government Representative: Senator Housakos, respectfully, it’s not simply nice that the minister says this or nice that the government representative says it. It’s a commitment of this government to do so. And either we believe in our institutions and the integrity of our institutions or we don’t. The government has been clear that, in its opinion, the bill as it stands does not apply to user-generated content. It is going to make it even clearer in its policy directive, and it has made a public commitment to do so. That is sufficient for my purposes. I believe the government when it says this. I believe in our ability to hold the government to account when it says this. And I believe that this bill, as it was drafted and approved by the Senate, is a bill that applies to the platforms to support Canadian content and does not apply to user-generated content, no matter the concerns that have been expressed.

Senator Gold: I’ve been now in this place for 15 years, and excuse me if I just… I’m a little bit skeptical of taking any government at face value. I, as a legislator, would like to see things in the law in black and white. You point that out as well, that we should just have faith that this is going to be done, and that we’re here to make sure that we overlook and carry out our responsibilities. You said in our speeches legislators to make sure that the government does what they say. But don’t you also agree that we’re passing a law here that has not been supported by a regulatory framework? We’re leaving it to the CRTC, as you said in your speech, they’ll be carrying out public consultations in order to set the regulatory framework. What happens just in case if this regulatory framework isn’t consistent with the commitments that you highlighted in your speech? What are our options at that point with this bill as parliamentarians to do a follow-up in a thorough way?

Government Representative: With regard to the regulatory framework, I outlined that process to you, and I will remind you it involves public consultation, public input, both at the front end and at the back end when the CRTC receives the public consultation. I will also remind you, colleagues, and as chair of the committee that studied the bill at length, Senator Housakos, you will also know that the bill provides for reports to Parliament and parliamentary oversight, which was improved in that regard by Senator Quinn’s amendment. We have many tools in our arsenal, but the important tool that we carry with us is a sense of what is our role here in the Senate, our responsibilities. The Senate, 99% of this bill was approved by this place and the other place. The 20 out of 26 amendments were approved by three parties in the other place, and this bill has been studied in this place and another place extensively. The time has come now to recognize this is an important bill, a good bill. The government has made firm, solid public commitments. And if that’s not enough for those in this chamber who, in good faith, want to see this bill succeed and pass, then I have run out of things to say. If you want to kill the bill, there are lots of ways to do it. We’ve seen it in the past. We know how to do that. We can delay it. We can hope for another election. We can get it buried and die on the order papers. But for those of us who believe that this is a good bill, a bill that’s been improved by our amendments, and who believe that the elected members of the House of Commons have done their responsible duty and taken us seriously and approved 20 out of 26 amendments, the time now is to give it Royal Assent.

Senator Wallin: Just for the record, Senator Gold, the Constitutional design does allow for the Senate to challenge the House of Commons, and not just once. And you cited the cases yourself. And I guess I would also add…

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Conservative Senate Rail C-11 Over User Generated Content: N Korea Stand Aside Canada Censors Better
Senator Housakos has absolutely 0 nice things to say about the Bill everyone is calling cold Canadian censorship, Tech execs even equated it with North Korea’s censorship laws, now that’s gotta hurt the masked marauder who wrote this bill or perhaps glee at his work getting the exposure it deserves? What do I know? Leave your comments down below…
The Senate is the Upper House in Canada’s bicameral parliamentary democracy. It unites a diverse group of accomplished Canadians in service of their country.

Parliament’s 105 senators shape Canada’s future. Senators scrutinize legislation, suggest improvements and fix mistakes. When the Senate speaks, the House of Commons listens — a bill must pass the Senate before it can become law.

Senators also propose their own bills and generate debate about issues of national importance in the collegial environment of the Senate Chamber, where ideas are debated on their merit.

Created to counterbalance representation by population in the House of Commons, the Senate has evolved from defending regional interests to giving voice to underrepresented groups like Indigenous peoples, visible minorities and women.

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  1. "Either we trust in our institutions or we dont" yeah Gould you haven't looked at your track record. The Charter has been trampled, our freedoms stripped away day by day, taking guns from law abiding citizens, Censoring free speech, controlling/colluding with the mainstream media. The veil has been lifted Canadians see what your up to, this is Marxist authoritarianism the jig is up, Canadians are awake and we are sending you all packing!!!

  2. His best estimate on what the Government wanted? Respectfully, They don't want to protect or exclude user content, they don't care! Bill C-11 is bad scrap it. It's a Trap same as C-10 was. A bill you believe in and improved by your amendments, How? They refused to accept those (improved amendments of yours) So, delay or Kill that Bill as if they don't listen to you then why would you think they would listen to us?

  3. Bill C11 should be banned. This is against our Human Rights and the Constitution. This is just another power grab by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal goons. Canadians have no faith in the present government. We need a vote of no confidence and an immediate election.

  4. I'm sorry these independents sound like salesman for the liberal. It's sad to see with the OIC and Bill C11 and Bill C12 how senators are butt off very easily by the liberal government and it's very obvious because they have the same phrasing and think talking point the liberals have they are going off the same script. Just trust us. Even though this current government has not been honest about anything. Our freedom of speech is at risk and once we lose our freedom of speech they can pass any bill that they want to. They want to do this because they don't want any sort of ability for people to organize or have their voices heard that could build up into a protest. This is the most dangerous bill that could be passed in Canada. People need to stand up to this tyranny

  5. Obviously they’re not better then Big Tech and they don’t understand tech, but Musk admitted most Big Tech companies don’t do anything to improve their product despite being overstaffed. New (toggleable) filters would be something and users having control over their feed algorithms would be great.
    It’s a badly written bill but it’s a good idea, “buy Canadian, watch Canadian.”
    (“Yeah, but they’ll define what “Canadian” means so everything will look like the CBC” – that’s why I said badly written. There’s a very simple geographical definition of Canadian)
    Trudeau Derangement Syndrome is real and people are letting their distrust of a political party (which you can vote out) get in the way of their distrust of multinational monopolies (who aren’t elected) and their WEF ESG projects

    Also Canadians don’t have the buying power to make sure foreign money doesn’t just buy our attention spans, population’s too small

  6. Mork Ork from Nork. Trudeau thinks CBC is Canadian culture. If he wanted to run all content on the internet, why didn't he run for leader of Nork. Call election trudeau get gone. Get gone Domino Leblanc. Who remembers Canada AM. News: Leblancs clams gone bad. Ping pong Trudeau gong.

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