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**Unlocking the Secrets of Eternal Youth: Bryan Johnson’s Journey with Blueprint**

**Bryan Johnson’s Path to Blueprint**

Bryan Johnson, the tech CEO who sold his company Braintree Venmo to PayPal for $800 million in 2013, has shifted his focus to unlocking the secrets of eternal youth with his company Blueprint. In a recent interview with Fortune Editor in Chief Alyson Shontell, Johnson discusses his daily routine and the results he has seen with Blueprint.

**Publicly Sharing Data: A Unique Approach**

Johnson takes a unique approach to his work by publicly sharing his data. He believes in transparency and wants to show the world his protocol, along with its successes and failures. Johnson emphasizes that his protocol consists of multiple interventions and takes into account the overall health of the body. It encompasses not only common factors such as diet and exercise but also a holistic perspective on aging. Johnson works closely with a team of doctors and follows a rigorous process of measurement, implementation, and measurement again, resulting in near-perfect health.

**The Mental Transformation and Full Body Transformation**

After selling Braintree, Johnson went through a mental and physical transformation. He describes feeling depressed, overweight, and borderline suicidal. To combat these feelings, he decided to put his body in charge of his decisions. His mind, which had previously made self-destructive choices, was no longer in control. Johnson’s algorithm, developed by Blueprint, now takes care of him better than he can himself.

**A Day in the Life of Bryan Johnson**

Johnson’s daily routine consists of around 100 protocols. He wakes up between five and six in the morning, with the day beginning the night before when he focuses on getting enough quality sleep. Johnson believes that sleep is the most influential factor in his conscious existence. After waking up, he completes various therapies, takes pills, and works out for an hour. His breakfast includes vegetables, with a monthly consumption of 70 pounds. Johnson follows over 100 protocols, all based on evidence and data from over 2,000 scientific publications.

**Misconceptions and Happiness**

People often assume that Johnson’s lifestyle must be miserable and restrictive. However, Johnson states that he has never been happier or more fulfilled. He feels an expanded consciousness compared to his previous self, constantly searching for the next thrill. Contrary to common assumptions, his life with Blueprint brings him immense joy.

**Collaboration with Dr. Zalman and Scientific Protocols**

Johnson collaborates with Dr. Zalman, a 29-year-old Cambridge-educated doctor. When designing an anti-aging protocol, different scientists may come up with different recommendations. Johnson’s approach is to rely on data rather than charismatic claims. He and Dr. Zalman measure every organ in Johnson’s body, publish the data publicly, and move forward with scientifically-backed protocols. Their goal is to create the best health protocol in history, based on data and evidence.

**Measuring the Unmeasurable**

While some aspects of health and longevity may be challenging to measure, Johnson believes that almost everything about the human condition can be quantified. From gravitational waves to relationships, stress responses, epigenetics, and gene expression, Johnson believes that measurement is the key to understanding and improving overall health. Blueprint aims to revolutionize the way health is approached and understood by emphasizing the importance of data-driven decisions.

By taking a holistic and data-driven approach to age-related interventions, Bryan Johnson and Blueprint are opening up new possibilities in the pursuit of eternal youth. Johnson’s dedication to transparency and measurement sets Blueprint apart and offers hope for the future of aging.

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