Entretien avec Yann Massol, cofondateur de JobyPepper lors du Newfund Day 2019

### **Newfund: Investing in Startups and Supporting Entrepreneurs**

Welcome to Newfund, where we manage an impressive €230M fund dedicated to startups. As a seed investor, we provide initial tickets ranging from €500k to €2M and offer long-term support to entrepreneurs through follow-on investments[^1^]. With a current portfolio of 80 French and American startups, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the startup ecosystem[^2^].

At Newfund, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of entrepreneurs and family offices, making us the home to the largest community of innovators in France[^3^]. Our commitment to fostering innovation has positioned us as a go-to investment partner for startups looking to thrive.

In this video, we dive into the world of startups with insightful interviews and discussions. Join us as we explore the challenges, strategies, and success stories of entrepreneurs in various industries. With an open mind and a desire to learn, we aim to uncover the common threads that connect different sectors and use this knowledge to help solve the problems faced by startups today[^4^].

Stay tuned as we share valuable experiences and introduce you to practical tools that can assist in the growth and acquisition of your product or brand. Whether you’re an established startup or just starting out, our aim is to provide you with actionable insights and guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship.

Subscribe to our channel for regular updates on the startup ecosystem, interviews with industry experts, and tips to boost your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we can build a thriving community of innovators and make a lasting impact in the world of startups.

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Newfund gère 230M€, entièrement dédiés aux start-up. Nous investissons en seed des premiers tickets de 500k€ à 2M€, et nous accompagnons dans la durée les entrepreneurs en follow on. Nous avons actuellement 80 start-up françaises et américaines en portefeuille. Côté souscripteurs, Newfund réunit la plus large base d’entrepreneurs et de family offices en France pour un fonds d’innovation.

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