Upfront Ventures Secures Over $650 Million for Promising Startups and Delivers More Than $600 Million in Returns to LPs | Authored by Mark Suster

Upfront Ventures: Staying the Course and Doubling Down on Expertise

Last year marked the 25th anniversary for Upfront Ventures, a venture capital firm that has weathered many cycles of market enthusiasm and panic. Despite the massive changes brought about by market disruptions, they have managed to stay consistent in their leadership and intuition, enabling them to navigate through a crazy world. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Upfront Ventures have managed to maintain their focus throughout the years and how they plan to double down on their areas of expertise with their latest funds.

Staying Focused on the Seed Market

One of the notable things about Upfront Ventures is that they have remained consistent in their investment strategy, planting seeds for their next 10 to 15 years of returns by actively investing in today’s market. Their consistency in investing in 12 to 15 companies per year at the earliest stages of their formation with a median first check size of approximately $3 million has been a key factor in their success. Despite the changes in the funding environment, their daily job as early-stage investors remains largely unchanged.

Investing in the Long Game

Upfront Ventures believes in the long-term trend that software enables and the value accrued to disruptive startups. They recognized that in a strong market, it is important to ring the cash register and made a concentrated effort to do so. Instead of raising larger funds and try to compete for A/B round deals, they decided to stay in their lane and focus on the seed market. They published their strategy some time ago and announced that they were moving to a “barbell strategy” of funding at the seed level, mostly avoiding the A/B rounds, and then increasing their investments in the earliest phases of technology growth.

Size Matters in Venture Capital

For Upfront Ventures, constrained size and extreme team focus has mattered. They believe that it is easier to consistently return multiples of capital when they aren’t deploying billions of dollars in a single fund. They are usually investing in their Seed fund when teams are fewer than 10 employees, have ideas that are “out there,” and where they plan to be actively engaged for a decade or longer. In fact, some of their partners are still active on boards where they first invested in 2009.

Doubling Down on Expertise

Over the past ten years, Upfront Ventures has focused on what they believe will be the most important trends of the next several decades, such as healthcare and applied biology, defense technologies, computer vision, ag tech and sustainability, fintech, consumerization of enterprise software, and gaming infrastructure. With their latest funds, Upfront VII and Growth III, they are doubling down on their areas of enthusiasm and expertise.


Upfront Ventures’ ability to stay focused and consistent throughout many market cycles has been one of the key factors in their success. Their strategy of investing in the seed market and their areas of expertise have proven to be effective in delivering real financial gains for savvy investors. With their latest funds, Upfront Ventures is set to continue their legacy as one of the most successful venture capital firms in the industry.

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