Blockchain Takes Off: Crypto Companies’ Ambitious Space Ventures Hold Promise

**Crypto Companies Utilize Space Technology for Long-Term Business Opportunities**

Cryptocurrencies have increasingly found a connection with space exploration and technology, leading to the emergence of new long-term business opportunities. Companies like LunarCrush, Cryptosat, SpaceChain, and Blockstream are utilizing blockchains to enhance and improve space technology or using space technology to improve blockchains themselves.

**Cryptosat: Protecting Crypto Assets from Sophisticated Attacks**

Cryptosat, founded by Yan Michalevsky and Yonatan Winetraub, two Stanford doctoral candidates, has sent small satellites equipped with small computers into space. These satellites can perform simple computations and safeguard crypto stashes. By utilizing the remoteness of space, Cryptosat aims to protect against sophisticated attacks that are becoming increasingly relevant in the blockchain and Web3 space.

**SpaceChain: Securing Data with Air Gap in Space**

SpaceChain, cofounded by former Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik, has attached small computers known as nodes to existing satellites and the International Space Station. These nodes create an air gap for unauthorized access to the blockchain, making it extremely difficult for hackers to breach the system. SpaceChain’s lightweight and compact nodes offer an additional layer of security for financial institutions and privacy-focused developers.

**Blockstream: Broadcasting Bitcoin’s Blockchain with Satellites**

Blockstream, a Bitcoin-focused company founded by Adam Back, is leasing four satellites to broadcast Bitcoin’s blockchain across Earth. This infrastructure aims to improve global access to remittances, finance, and international transfers. By using satellites, which are more cost-effective than high-speed internet connections in certain countries, individuals and businesses can locally broadcast Bitcoin’s data, making it economically feasible in regions with limited bandwidth.

**Blockchain for Space: Expanding Possibilities**

Blockchain technology also has the potential to improve existing space technology and secure potential communications from extraterrestrial intelligence. The SETI Institute, in partnership with Protocol Labs, ran a simulation to determine the best protocol for storing alien messages. The institute chose Filecoin, a decentralized database, to ensure that the message remains tamper-proof and open to access.

**Lockheed Martin: Securing Inter-Satellite Communications**

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin plans to utilize Filecoin to secure inter-satellite communications. By launching IPFS nodes into space, which implement blockchain technology, Lockheed aims to maintain trust and integrity in relaying data between satellites. This technology has significant implications for future lunar and interplanetary travel.

**Continued Space Exploration in the Crypto Industry**

Despite ongoing regulatory uncertainty, companies like Lockheed Martin, Cryptosat, and SpaceChain continue to explore and invest in space technology for crypto-related purposes. Lockheed is preparing for the launch of its LM 400 Technology Demonstrator spacecraft in 2023, while Cryptosat aims to send its third satellite into space by the end of 2023. SpaceChain plans to launch a node into space around the same time.


Cryptocurrency companies have recognized the potential of space technology to enhance their operations and security measures. Whether it is protecting crypto assets from sophisticated attacks, securing data with an air gap in space, or utilizing satellites to broadcast blockchain data, the intersection of digital assets and space offers new and exciting business opportunities. Despite regulatory challenges, more companies are venturing into space exploration to harness the benefits it can bring to the crypto industry.

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