Ludovic Denis: A Game-Changing Venture Partner at Seventure’s Disruptive Ventures

**Title: Discover Opencell – The Ultimate Billing Software for Subscription-based Companies**


In this exclusive interview, Ludovic Denis, Venture Partner at Seventure, shares his insights on the future of business transformation and the importance of monetization. As an investor in Opencell for nearly 18 months, Denis explains how Opencell’s innovative billing software is revolutionizing the way companies sell their services through subscriptions.

With Opencell, businesses can effortlessly transition from product sales to subscription-based services, driving greater revenue and customer engagement. It’s no wonder why companies across various industries are leveraging Opencell’s tailored invoicing solution to adapt to the challenges of today’s subscription economy.

Join us in this insightful video as Denis, alongside developers, sales representatives, customer service professionals, and other industry experts present at the event, showcases how Opencell is reshaping the future of billing and subscription management.

Whether you’re a startup, a growing business, or an established enterprise, Opencell provides the ultimate solution to effectively manage, invoice, and monetize your subscription services. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your business’s full potential with Opencell.

**Timestamped Video Transcript:**

[00:00] Introduction: Welcome to our exclusive interview with Ludovic Denis, Venture Partner at Seventure.

[00:10] Denis: Opencell is a game-changing billing software that enables companies to effectively monetize their subscription-based services.

[00:20] Denis: Today, businesses need to adapt to the growing trend of shifting from product sales to subscription models. Opencell empowers companies in this transformation, providing them with a comprehensive solution to manage their subscription services.

[00:40] Denis: As an investor in Opencell, I believe in its vision and its ability to navigate the challenges of today’s business landscape.

[00:50] Denis: Opencell’s innovative software is designed to meet the unique needs of subscription-based companies, allowing them to streamline their billing processes and maximize revenue.

[01:10] Denis: By leveraging the power of Opencell, businesses can ensure that their invoicing and subscription management is efficient, reliable, and customer-centric.

[01:30] Denis: The professionals at Opencell are dedicated to supporting businesses in this transition. They understand the importance of creating a seamless customer experience and ensuring that businesses can optimize their subscription offerings.

[02:00] Conclusion: Join the movement and unlock the full potential of your business with Opencell. Experience the future of billing and subscription management today.

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To learn more about Opencell and its innovative billing software for subscription-based companies, visit [Opencell’s official website](

For more insights on the latest trends and strategies in business transformation, follow [Seventure]( on [Twitter]( and [LinkedIn](

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Merci à Ludovic Denis, Venture Partner chez Seventure, de s’être prêté au jeu des questions/réponses lors de notre dernière édition de #Disrupt.

Disruption, art, échanges, tech… Retrouvez l’ambiance de notre événement en vidéo !

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