Meghan Markle’s podcast pitch disregarded by Taylor Swift

### **Meghan Markle Invites Taylor Swift to Her Podcast, But the Singer Declines the Offer: Estimating the Impact on the Sussex Brand**

In this YouTube video, writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue discusses an interesting development in the world of podcasts. It has been revealed that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, sent a personal invitation to Taylor Swift to appear on her podcast. However, Taylor declined the offer through her representative, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind her decision. In this video, Esther Krakue explores possible explanations for Taylor’s refusal and delves into the wider implications for the Sussex brand.

According to Esther Krakue, one reason for Taylor Swift’s rejection could be a scheduling conflict. It has been reported that Meghan sometimes recorded podcast episodes separately from her guests, which could have made it difficult to find a convenient time for Taylor to participate. Another possibility could be that Taylor Swift simply felt that the royal family drama surrounding the Sussexes was not something she wanted to be involved in.

Esther emphasizes Meghan’s aim to attract high-profile female talent to her podcast, making it a platform for influential women to share their experiences and insights. However, the main point of discussion in this video is the cancellation of the Sussexes’ podcast and their mutually agreed separation from Spotify. Esther suggests that the lack of content productivity and failure to meet Spotify’s targets might have contributed to this decision.

Moving on to the future prospects of the Sussexes, Esther provides some context to understand the challenges they may face in securing future work and sponsorships. She explains that streaming services initially offered the couple a range of content production deals to capitalize on the lockdown boom when people were consuming more media at home. However, as the world opened up again, subscriptions to these services dwindled, putting the Sussexes in a precarious position. The lack of focused content, combined with criticisms and reputational damage, has made it difficult for the couple to retain their standing in the industry.

Esther raises the topic of the Sussexes’ rebranding efforts and questions whether it will be enough to salvage their reputation. She expresses skepticism that the rebranding is occurring too late, as the couple should have been more strategic in curating their brand right from the start. By engaging in various deals after leaving the royal family, they have been perceived by many as “selling out.” Furthermore, their lack of expertise or relatability outside of the royal bubble has contributed to a negative perception.

In conclusion, Esther acknowledges that the Sussexes’ rebranding attempts face significant challenges due to their tarnished reputation and lack of credibility. Their transition into podcasting and other creative ventures may not be well-received unless they can demonstrate expertise or authenticity in their chosen fields.

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Writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue says Meghan Markle wrote a letter to Taylor Swift, inviting her onto the Duchess’ podcast to which the singer replied through a representative and declined the offer.

“Taylor Swift’s team hasn’t actually said the reason why she declined the offer,” Ms Krakue told Sky News host Caroline Di Russo.

“It could have been a scheduling issue; it could have just been it’s not something that’s really relevant to Taylor Swift, maybe she didn’t want to be dragged into the whole Sussexes Royal Family drama – we don’t actually know why.”

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  1. How is it these streaming giants didnt know these 2 have no talent? I mean, seriously, wouldnt you check for talent BEFORE you offer someone millions for talking? Harry barely graduated high school, had a very visible druggie lifestyle, and meghan never did anything but bad acting. Crazy.

  2. Disney and amazon found that out as well….no plan….Netflix was their 3rd or 4th choice. Disney and Amazon turned them down….one Disney employee said "they were so vague and they didn't even have a demo tape. It was clear that they had NO idea what they were doing.." Netflix is OK because they made a GREAT contract…for Netflix. They only have to pay the Harkles a million or so per episode, with a half million $$ signing bonus up front. Harry pays for ALL costs of failures….all materials, salaries, travel etc (Pearl and maybe Invictus) and it's Netflix's choice as to what gets shown. Plus there's a clause in the contract that says no Harkle can say a word about any other netflix production….and the contract is exclusive, for 5 yrs. If in the next 2 yrs, someone wants to do a parody of the Harkles, or trash Diana, Harry can't say a word…or sue.

  3. Reese Witherspoon turned Megs down as well. I'm not sure why ppl are so upset about Taylor not writing the turn down herself…..Archie's thank you note to the bike shop was done by a staffer and the Harkles didn't sign it. Taylor Swift likes the Royals….especially Wills and Catherine. I don't think it was a scheduling problem.

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