Announcement: Frenalytics Secures Pre-seed Funding and Partners with Forum Ventures Accelerator

**[Video Title] – Frenalytics Raises $300K in Pre-Seed Funding for Cognitive Therapy and Personalized Learning Software**


Welcome to our channel! In this video, we are thrilled to share some exciting news. Frenalytics, a New York-based cognitive therapy and personalized learning software, has successfully raised $300k in pre-seed funding. This funding round was led by Forum Ventures, with investments primarily from parents, teachers, relatives of cognitively impaired individuals, and past & present team members.

You can read the full announcement [here](

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**Investors Share Their Passion for Frenalytics**

In this video, we are joined by Pete and Denise Quinn, proud investors in Frenalytics. They express their enthusiasm for being part of this funding round alongside Matt and the Frenalytics team. Pete and Denise strongly believe in Frenalytics’ mission and are impressed by the team’s dedication and authenticity.

Frenalytics serves as a revolutionary personalized learning platform for patients and students facing diagnoses like stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, autism, and Down syndrome. As an investor, Pete explains that he chose Frenalytics because he sees Matt and his team as the best people to bring about the finest care for seniors and special needs children. He shares his belief in the need to reinvent the way services are delivered in aged care rehabilitation and special education.

Denise, a member of the Frenalytics team for the past two years, also speaks passionately about the cause. She became deeply interested in Frenalytics as she learned more about its potential benefits for medical treatment and student learning. With over 1 billion people worldwide and 1 in 4 individuals in the US living with disabilities, Frenalytics taps into a tremendous market that holds the potential to make the world a better place.

**Support Our Mission of Empowering People with Disabilities**

Frenalytics is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, the world’s largest minority, to live more meaningful and independent lives. The product aims to redefine the outcomes for seniors, special needs children, and students globally. For Pete and Denise, Frenalytics would have been a valuable resource and support during their own journey with their daughter, particularly when navigating the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.

Together, let’s support Frenalytics’ mission and be part of a positive change. Stay tuned to our channel for updates on Frenalytics’ progress and exciting developments. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

*Thank you for being a part of our journey.*

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New York-based cognitive therapy and personalized learning software Frenalytics announced $300k raised in pre-seed funding led by Forum Ventures and investments primarily by parents, teachers, relatives of cognitively impaired individuals, and past & present team members, among other related groups.

Read our full announcement:

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