Part 1: BEL Urges Belize to Enhance Energy Generation

**Title: Urgent Need to Increase Energy Generating Capacity in Belize – BEL Sounds the Alarm**


In this video, we discuss the urgent need to increase Belize’s energy generating capacity. Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), the country’s main electricity provider, has been struggling to meet the rising demand for electricity due to recent heat waves. It has come to light that Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), which supplies about half of BEL’s electricity, is also facing similar issues across the Yucatan Peninsula[^1^].

**Short-term Solutions and Long-term Plans**

The Chairman of BEL, Andrew Marshalleck, highlights the critical need to identify and secure additional generational capacity. The company has been dealing with system failures for over two decades and believes that immediate action is required[^2^]. In the short term, BEL is considering procuring portable generators to support power generation in high-demand areas and strategic locations. Additionally, within the next 12 to 15 months, BEL plans to initiate the construction of essential generation facilities, including two solar farms and a rice generating plant in southern Belize[^2^].

**Collaboration with NGC and GT Facility Upgrade**

To expedite the construction of the rice plant, BEL has reached out to the National Bus Company (NGC), who previously bid on the project. They are inquiring if NGC can deliver the plant within the next four months[^2^]. In addition to the solar plants and the rice plant, BEL has been engaged in the trading of the GT facility at Mile 8 to increase capacity and convert to using gas as the fuel source[^2^].

**Improved Capacity for a Better Energy Future**

BEL believes that by successfully establishing the two solar plants, completing the rice plant construction, and optimizing the GT facility within the next 10 months, they will be better equipped to handle current and future demands for electricity, especially during heat waves. These three initiatives will significantly increase Belize’s overall energy generating capacity, ensuring a more stable and reliable power supply for the growing nation[^2^].

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The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is sounding the alarm on what it says is an urgent need to increase the country’s energy generating capacity. The company has been unable to meet the increased demand for electricity sparked by recent heat waves, and says Mexico’s Comisión. Federal de Electricidad (CFE), has also registered an increase in demand across the Yucatan Peninsula. CFE, which supplies BEL with about half of the electricity it needs to meet demands, is similarly facing issues in procuring energy, and has essentially put BEL on notice. BEL’s Chairman, Andrew Marshalleck, explained that the issue lies in identifying and securing additional generational capacity.  Marshalleck says the system has been failing the company for over two decades, and needs to be fixed. Meanwhile, BEL is looking at a band aid fix to support the power needed to keep the lights on.

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