Investing in TV Shows: SOFICA SG Image 2022 with Caroline Dhainaut and Clément Cossy of A Plus Finance

# Investing in SOFICA SG Image 2022: A Financier’s Guide to Investing in the French Cinema Industry

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting investment opportunity, look no further than SOFICA SG Image 2022. A Plus Finance, industry experts with over 30 years of experience, are offering investors the chance to invest in France’s vibrant cinema and TV industry and reap substantial fiscal benefits.

In this [interview]( with [Le Courrier Financier](, Caroline Dhainaut, Director of Cinema and Audiovisual Activities, and Clément Cossy, Partnership Relations Manager, provide an in-depth guide to investing in SOFICA. They cover how this investment instrument works, the fiscal advantages it offers, and what sets the SOFICA SG Image 2022 apart from its competitors.

## What is SOFICA?

A SOFICA (Société pour le Financement de l’Industrie Cinématographique et Audiovisuelle) is a financial investment product that allows the public to invest in the French cinema and TV industry. Established by the 1985 finance law, this instrument was created by the former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, to support the French audiovisual industry.

## Taking Advantage of Fiscal Benefits

Investing in SOFICA SG Image 2022 offers several fiscal advantages to investors. With a minimum investment of €5,000 and a maximum investment of €18,000, investors can expect a reduction of up to 48% in their income tax. It’s worth noting that SOFICA’s fiscal benefits are completely independent of other existing tax niches.

## Standing Out in the Competition

What sets SOFICA SG Image 2022 apart from competitors is its emphasis on investing in TV series. With 50% of their investment focused on funding French fiction, animated, and documentary TV series, they are placing a bet on these series’ international appeal. Recent investments include popular shows such as “Au service de la France,” “Le bureau des légendes,” and “Tropicriminels.”

Investment in SOFICA SG Image 2022 is only available until December 31st, 2022. This investment opportunity offers the chance to support the French film and TV industry while benefiting from generous fiscal advantages. Don’t miss out on this fantastic investment opportunity.

Jusqu’au 31 décembre prochain, A Plus Finance propose à l’épargnant d’investir dans la SOFICA SG Image 2022. Comment ce produit financier fonctionne-t-il ? Quels avantages fiscaux offre-t-il aux investisseurs ? Comment la SOFICA SG Image 2022 se démarque-t-elle de ses concurrentes ?

Caroline Dhainaut (Directrice Activités Cinéma et Audiovisuel) et Clément Cossy (Chargé des relations partenaires) d’A Plus Finance répondent aux questions du Courrier Financier.

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