An Update on Ryan McBeth: The Ukraine Conflict, Artillery on Demand, and DevOps

**Title: Chatting with Ryan Macbeth: Programming, Open Source Intelligence, and Military Contexts in Ukraine**


In this engaging conversation, join me (@PrestonStew) as I sit down with Mr. Ryan Macbeth (@RyanMcBethProgramming). We discuss a range of topics, including his educational programming videos, open-source intelligence, and his unique insights into the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Ryan’s expertise goes beyond mere education, as he delves deep into military operations, providing critical context not only for Ukraine but also for other conflicts involving Russia, China, Iran, and more.

Ryan’s dedication to providing meaningful insights is evident as we explore the complexities of various conflicts. From his perspective, delving into the intricacies of military operations is an endless journey, and he strives to offer comprehensive analysis that goes beyond the surface level. Despite juggling a full-time job, exercise routines, and a host of other responsibilities, Ryan maintains his commitment to delivering valuable content to his audience.

During our conversation, we touch on various topics like the Aliens Fire Team Elite video game and the challenges of content creation. Ryan’s passion shines through as he explains the demands of his one-man show and his relentless pursuit of new and relevant subject matters. We also discuss his missed opportunities, such as witnessing a US Army exercise in the Philippines and participating in the International Sniper Competition.

Despite the demands of content creation, Ryan remains dedicated to sharing his expertise through various media platforms. He has been a guest on prominent radio shows, TV programs like Newsmax, Voice of America, and even international channels like the BBC and Polish television. Through these appearances, Ryan emphasizes the importance of providing unbiased factual information, particularly in military affairs where there is little room for political biases.

As our conversation progresses, it becomes evident that Ryan strives to become the “Neil deGrasse Tyson of Open Source Intelligence Military Topics.” His goal is to present facts and shed light on the significance of military equipment, strategies, and international affairs without any ideological agenda. With his expertise and dedication, Ryan is in a unique position to provide meaningful insights and analysis.

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Thanks @RyanMcBethProgramming for taking the time to chat for a bit!

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  1. I think a lot of the recent immigrants choose the military for the benefits and job skills. They often come from families who can't afford to give their children free college educations or the kid has to send money back to the folks or any number of reasons and often too I think, being a Veteran shows that they belong in this new country and they command a respect that others might not.

  2. I was watching Estonian Arthur Rehi before the war in Ukraine, occasionally, but when invasion started Arthur was only one, who I watched on this conflict, then I've discovered you, guys, what a blessing, your military analysis and insights are really great, it's awesome to see you together, meanwhile there are some other guys I watch on regular basis, American Jake Broke, Ukrainian Denys Davidov and operator Starsky…. Thank you for what you're doing…. Sláva Ukrajině 🇺🇦 from a Czech mate 🇨🇿

  3. 😂
    "Who do you work for?"
    I ran into that 40 years ago (in the most important city, in the most important country, on the most important planet, …)
    I was doing a masters in Soviet Studies at G-town. Somehow came to be at a Capitol Hill Party. I thought "Party=Dancing=🕺😄". BUT NO!
    Well, i spose it was dancing of a kind: The-Who-Do-You-Work-For Shuffle

  4. About political situation on retaken territory, I remember how it was in my native city Kharkiv before 2014. On all the news there was so called "antimaydan" with huge amount of russia supporters. But also, there was a huge amount of buses from russia. And if you listen carefully, you can differ accent. They all spoke with very russian manner.
    And previously, I thought that it's influenced by my information bubble, but it's a huge amount of Crimean refugees in that area I live, and they all in contact with their neighbours and friends there.
    What I'm trying to say is that all russia supporters there are more than 90% are russians from russia. Like it was in 1930-th, when russians came into empty cities and villages after the Holidomor.
    Fun fact: when they realised that you need to work like Ukrainian to live like Ukrainian, they went back to russia.
    Same thing will be after returning of all the territories back to Ukraine.

  5. Shaving profile I get for those who develop rashes as long as the keep it below half inch. I don't think soldiers should be able to have beards 1) hygiene is extra and supplies are needed it's also dirty if you are on 72 hr patrols like I was adds time to care for it also they can spread chemical or biological germs or bacteria and insects.
    2) it obstructs the pro mask and chin strap and other face protection
    3) dirt and fog kicks up blocking your eye pro
    4) medics can perform first add

  6. Devops… I get it now, software development operations. So it's like the logistics of software maintenance.
    As circumstances change, software will need upgrades and patches and it will need to be installed on thousands of computers as quickly as possible. Computers in aircraft, tanks, all kinds of weapons systems and other systems. Whoever has the best computing logistics will have a big advantage.

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